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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Bills.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Here we go people , Back into the teeth of the beast, back into the AFC East. we could get into the loss to Miami but why brother, the win was there to be had and then it went poof. We could talk about what Mac Jones would look like behind a better offensive line. But what good would that do? We could discuss all the if’s and’s and but’s you want to talk about. The bottom line is this is a 1-5 team. That has played like a 1-5 team. But if someone out there listens if they really listen this week. they could be 2-5 on Monday. Here are my Monster Keys To Patriots victory.

Revenge is a Dish Best served Mid-Rare

The mid is the mid range offense. WEEI's own Mike Kadlick pointed out on Xwitter that the Patriots are completely ignoring the midrange passing game. And he’s right. It's a rare thing when Mac hits the midrange across the middle pass that has been a staple of this or any successful passing game. Not just the ones here. Let's get the steak off the grill and serve it up red in the center.

Stay Inside

The patriots for a mymarid of reasons had a good game on the ground last week vs the Raiders. One of those reasons is a light went off in someone's head and they started to go with the inside zone runs that these two running backs thrive at. Get up between the tackles, get dirty, and get down hill.

Don’t Lock in

Mac has been so uncomfortable in the pocket he is locking in on the first read on every drop back, this can not continue. Yes his line needs to give him the time to get into the second and third option on each play. But if they turn the second key and get into a rhythm in the running game? Watch the pass blocking improve.

Find Me 22

No, not the personnel grouping. I need 22 ballplayers who want to be out there. I'm sick to death of watching players ( especially this wide receiver group ) dogging routes. Guys not fighting through blocks or fighting for the ball. Walk into that locker room and come out with twenty two men who want to play football on Sunday. Start with Thornton - Douglas and Bourne ... please and thank you

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - pushed last week and a loss. This defense is lacking one quality. Turning the opponent over. win it and score

Own third Down - 50% is not enough when you give up 50% and the bills convert 50% on the regular. DO NOt let Allen move the chains with his feet.

Limit the Laundry - Anyone need a trophy hubby ? I'm drinking so much my wife may ask me to move out? If the pats draw another 11 flags I may have too.

Flip that field - No shanks no touchbacks , Baringer needs to strip off his rookie tag and earn the checks he’s cashing. Bury them deep and wait for Allen to play hero ball.

Business Up Front a Party in the Back

The business is lane integrity and keeping good pad level, filling those gaps and keeping Joshy in front of you. All this while not allowing James Cook to get to the edge. The party is in the defensive backfield. Mix it up, i don't want Josh to be able to get on the dance floor, never mind find the beat. Stephon Diggs has more than twice the targets of anyone else on the Bills. Take out Mr. Give me the damn ball and you win this game.

That's it, my rabid readers. Turn the Keys and win this ballgame, also a special key cut for you all that you can catch on Locked on Patriots later today. As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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