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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Bills

At least your wife and children are safe. Yes this game is at home so you can feel free to bring the family along to this one. Go on, make your girlfriend happy and take her to this matchup because we all know no one in their right mind would drag them to Orchard Park. go use the google machine , type in Bills Mafia or Bills tailgating. WAIT make sure the kiddies are out of the room. I KNOW RIGHT, and The State of New York is giving these people a Billion dollars for a new stadium. WTF ? … Ok I'm sorry, now go look at something to try and erase that from your brain. Like videos of baby ducks or babies first steps. With that out of the way, here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory.

60 Minutes

Sixty full minutes of football. This is the number one key this week. You aren't going to outscore this team unless you play from the opening whistle to the last gun. It's going to take more than all three offense - defense and special teams showing up. They have to play for all four quarters.

SLAM - Nickels - Dimes and Quarters

Mix up the coverages. We had the pleasure of Mark Schofield this week on (One Patriots Place) go check it out before kickoff. Mark got into my head and pulled me off my stance of cover zero. You still may see some of this formation but it won't be the beef of the meal. Mix it up, keep Allen guessing at what he’s looking at and wait for it. Oh the SLAM ? That's pressure Allen all day. “ I want Allen walking on his elbows in the morning Joe Bob “ bonus points if you know where that quote came from.

3rd and Long

First and second down are imperative this week. Get this team into third and long and then play I-spy. Then choose your covert operative - Dugger is the obvious choice here but i think the man for this mission is 0030 . That's right Mack Wilson. Sure sprinkle in Dugger and even Raekwon McMillan. But i want the 6’1 255 lb Wilson - Mack - Wilson driving Allen’s ass into the turf every time he tries to move the chains with his legs.

The Weeklies

Own Third Down - the Patriots were 3-11 on third and fourth down last week. The vikings were an unreal 8-11. The score won't be as close this week if this is the case.

Limit The Laundry - 6 for 55 yards. Kiss my entire ass . complain all you want about how one sided the officiating was last week IDK. CLEAN IT UP.

Win the Turnover Battle - Mac and company has done a great job of late in not coughing the ball up. Allen has tossed 11 interceptions this year the Bills are just a plus one in differential this season thanks to that and 8 lost fumbles. Keep up the good work and wait for Joshy to give it up.

Outside the Hashes

The Bills are going to muddle the middle like they did in the playoff game last year. Throw outside the hashes. Get Myers, Thornton and Parker owners happy and Sling it. The bills are a mess in the defensive backfield , exploiting the weak link. Just smart football. force the bills to respect the outside then bust the seams.

Attack the Endzone

I’m tired of preaching, screaming and begging for this. take your shots in the air into the endzone. Don't wait until you get to the 5 or 10. Matty has handcuffed this team inside the 20 and it has to end.

Thats it my rabid readers, Sure the hoodie will work in the run game this week but with Stevenson the only thing between making the playoffs and oblivion don't expect much of it, and I know he will have a wrinkle or three in here for Josh and his giant ego. At home I give the Pats a boxer's chance at this one and the Pats come out on top.

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmuph207

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