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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Bengals

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

How the worm has turned. It wasn't too long ago that the Patriots would have been fighting for a division title and it was the then Bungles playing out the schedule. While the Pats are not mathematically we all kn … wait ! hold the phone. I AM NOT giving up on the Patriots , you will not hear from me: put in Zappe, Let's think of the draft pick. Pats need to move up the board. FUCK THAT. Here are my monster keys to Smacking the Bungles.

Sling It

I want to see five wide and chaos in the Bungles defensive backfield, spread it out, allow Mac to run the show from the gun and hit the open man. I want to see so much YAC, I'll be screaming WELCOME TO THE HIMALAYAS at my TV. get up early. Run late

Past the Stick

You can't expect to consistently get first downs throwing the ball behind the line of scrimmage. Limit the screens and get the ball out across the LOS. I'm sick and tired of seeing balls thrown horizontally , everyone knows Matt. Everyone. Bust up the seams !!

Stevenson - Strong and Harris Oh My

Man can not live on the arm of Mac alone. Get the rotation into full gear. if you're healthy you get carries Stevenson has carried the running game with damien Harris sidelined and i'm not expecting him to make Saturday's active list but Kevin will be. Trust the kids, get them out into space and watch the fireworks

Attack Attack Attack

You know as well as I do the best offense is a good pass rush. Unleash the hounds. Get Judon and Uche going early and often , use those safety and corner blitz’ get into Burrows face and force him to get rid of the ball before he wants to. Collins and Karras are the weak links. pressure up the middle and from the right side ALL DAY LONG.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover Battle - we saw last week how it unfolds when the Pats are even in this category .. you can't see the furrow in my brow but you can feel it. The Bungles are a plus four on the season but needed the worst half of football in TB12’s career to get there.

Limit The Laundry - 6 for 30 last week but it is still the false starts and illegal formation flags that are helping the opposition get over on you

Flip The Field - yep still waiting on Jake the Snake Bailey to get back and right this ship

Shut Out Chase and Higgins

You know as well as I do that these two will get theirs but the secondary is going to have to do the same job they did last week on Davante Adams and company Saturday. The front 7 - 6 or 5 is going to have to get home and help the Joneses look like all pros, I expect to see more cover 2 this week .. expect ? I demand it. Do not give up the chunks. Turn Joe Cool into check down Joe. P.S there is only one Joe Cool and his last names Montana

That's it my rabid readers . Burrow and company are riding high on a six game streak. It's time for the Pats to turn back the clock and start to play smart football, get out of the corner and get that dunce cap off your head.

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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