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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over Miami

Squish the Phish Week 

I want to thank the NFL schedule makers for this absolute gift. Honestly getting this trip to Miami out of the way week one ? Somebody up there really likes me. If you’ve been around here long enough you know why I’m so thrilled. If you are new to the show, well here’s the short of it….. I fuckin hate Miami. I hate Florida . Yes The entire place. I am on record that Florida is my least favorite foreign country. It’s hot, it’s flat, it’s sweaty. Even the beaches are a joke. The gulf is a tepid bathtub, you can’t go outside between the months of June and October and let’s face facts Miami . Your brand of Art Deco SUCKS. Personally I think it drove Tony Montana to a life of crime. Here are My Monster Keys to Patriots victory. 

Stuff The Run 

The D-Line needs to take up space, push the fat men back 3 yards and force the Dolphins revamped line to double team them after every snap. Don’t allow the Phins line to get to the second level unchecked. The second level., needs to be quick to set those edges and fill those gaps. shut down Mostert, get them into second and third and long. 

Pressure – Pressure – Pressure 

I’m so sick and tired of hearing how Tagovailoa is 3-0 vs the Patriots, He averages 153 yards a game and less than a TD per vs the Pats.  The way to rip out Tua’s heart is pressure. Crash from the edges, do not allow them to move the pocket. get in his face and force his hand. make him hold the ball and win with his arm. He can’t. He doesn’t have the brainpower. 

But Murph, how are they going to do all this ? good Question. you guys always ask the best questions.

Match Quarters – yep this is the dance . Match Quarters is the perfect defense for this group. The Patriots are so much faster this year as compared to last. And Match quarters allows Mayo to use the tools Bill has provided to their best performance. Match quarters allows the line to penetrate and the backers to play downhill. Funnel the play to your speed. And use Jon Jones with help from McCourty to do what they have done so well against Hill. shut him down. 

The Weeklies

Win the Turnover Battle – if you don’t turn the ball over you win 73% of the time in the NFL.  Holy Smoke. If you win the turnover battle it soars to 78% . take care of that rock. Get the extra possession. 

Own third Down – Last Season the Patriots allowed their opponents to convert on 43.5% of third down. On fourth down ? it soared to 64.7% get off the goddamn field. And for Christ’s sakes convert. 

Limit the Laundry – In 2021 the Patriots were once again top 10 in the NFL in fewest penalties against 95 flags tossed and accepted.. Why did it look so bad ? In 2020 they were first in the league with just 62. Let’s get off on the right foot here gentlemen. 

Vary Tempo – A new weekly key joins the ring this year. I’m not calling for all out no huddle from the opening kickoff, but mix it in. get to the line quickly and keep the defensive packages you like on the field. 

Run that Rock 

The Patriots have the best running backs in the AFC East. They have a behemoth on the left side of the line. They have one of the best run blocking centers in football. And a rookie left guard who needs to be aggressive to succeed early in his career. Run often, run left. Find that gap or get to the edge. set up that play action. 

Bunch – Motion – Chains 

I expect “ THE PLAY CALLER “ sorry i have to pause to chuckle …. Okay back to it. To use bunch sets and motion to get Parker or Agholor into one on one looks. Hopefully Parker. No one on the planet blitzes more often than Josh Boyer. It’s almost a fetish. Exploit his overaggressive style. And move the chains. 

Rub Routes – Wheel Routes and empty backfields Oh My 

Not to contradict myself but, spread it out and let Mac ,,,, McCorkle. When Jones is at his best the offense  is spread out and he can survey what’s coming. Motion Harris and Rrrrrhmondre out of the backfield. Force the Phins to show their hand. And a wheel route or two just to keep me happy. 

Red Zone 

Usually this is in the weeklies but week one it gets his own key . don’t settle for three’s by hook or by crook go get six . 

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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