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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over Dallas

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Dallas. My entire life I've said Dallas, Not the Cowboys i've always said Dallas. Never in my life have I called Dallas “ Americas Team “ . It's the only time I've ever scoffed at the great John Facenda who coined the phrase back in 1978. Nope it's always been Dallas. say it like Seinfeld says “Newman” and you’re getting my vibe or my voice here. While there has always been a healthy respect for greats like Staubach - Bob Lilly - Ed Too Tall Jones and the rest of the 70’s Dallas teams, all that was washed away in the 90’s by some of the slimmest players to ever grace NFL fields. Just head on over to the google machine and type in “Cowboys White House” if you’re not old enough to remember. As you can guess i'm not a fan, never have been. The last time these two matched up Dallas came in here and stole one in OT 35-29. Here are my monster keys to repaying the favor.


Last week I cut this key and it was for the most part ignored or Bill O’Brien just didn't understand the message. I want to see up-tempo. Push the red button kid. Go no huddle. Script it out, switch it up, and get it done.

Own the Red Zone

The Pats have been one of the better red zone teams in the league this year 76%, the issue is they haven't been in it often enough. Third down on the opponent's side of the field has kept the Patriots from capitalizing on this. On the other side of the ball Dallas is one of the worst teams hitting on just 40% inside the Red Zone. Dallas throws the ball 100% of the time between the 2 and 10 yard line. win this battle. Go get six and force them to settle.

Get up Quick

Dallas is at the top of the league in putting points on the board in the first quarter 8.7 per game. That's more than the Dolphins. They are averaging 18 points in the first half of games this year. Do not dig yourselves a hole this week. Stuff them early. And you get the W

Stuff the Run

It's hard to say put it in the hands of Dak Prescott and that's not what I'm doing here, but the big men upfront are going to have to mind their lanes this week. Tony Pollard is starting to get his legs under him. Take them back out. ( no i don't want him hurt, just ineffective.)

Get physical

The Dallas OL is a mess ( sound familiar ?) DNP in Wednesday's report were hung next to C Tyler Bladasz - RG Zack Martin - LT Tyron Smith and Chuma Edoga was limited, so the pats are dealing with banged up starters or second stringers. YUMM. Put pressure on Dak and good things will happen. Dallas does not have the most physical of receiving corps. Blow up this line and blow CeeDee - Gallop and Cooks off their routes.

The weeklies

Win the Turnover Battle : A stalemate is not what i'm looking for here, we saw in the first three weeks of the season when you lose this battle you lose the game. When it's a push it's too close for comfort. This team needs some short fields. Go Get the Ball !!!

Take The Points : I know I said own the red zone but there is a limit here, every point counts. Take the three when it's the SMART option.

Limit The Laundry: 6 flags per game is far too many. Wouldn't you all agree ?

Flip the Field : Bryce Baringer is the first person named Bryce I've ever liked. This kid's leg is phenomenal.

Own third Down: the Pats are converting on a meager 40% of it's chances. This is one of the team's biggest issues. Dallas on the other hand is over 50%. I need to see these numbers flipped on Sunday.

Run that rock

Let Stevenson get into a rhythm, I'm done with switching up every series and flipping between Rhamondre and Zeke . Dallas is giving up 131 yards a game on the ground. 222 last week. Run the ball early and often. Get Micah Parsons worrying about filling gaps and chasing running backs and out of Macs face. Inside zone is the plan. Set up play action.

Douglas - Boutte & Bourne oh My

Dallas' defense has issues with speed. It's time to let the kids out of the dog house and get them in a position to help this beleaguered offense. Boutte has served his time. Douglas is the best playmaker on this side of the ball you have. 17 snaps is not half enough. And Bourne ? Bourne and Mac need to go together like PB&J. JuJu shouldn't be taking a single snap away from either of the kids and stop forcing the ball to Parker. Let him drag our old friend Gilmore out of the picture. I don't need twenty yards of air on a pass, I need crossers i need rub routes i need twelve yards in the air, let the young legs get you the rest. YAC MORE YAC.

That's it my rabid readers. On paper Dallas is the better team but this game as you all know isn't played on Paper. As always, thanks for reading. You can follow / give me grief on Xitter @Tmurph207

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