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Monster Keys to Patriots victory over Da Bears

I sit here giving dictation to superhot editor girl as i've taken up residence at the local hospital. Yes my friends' Back Issues Suck. not as much as chicago’s definition of what Apizza is but nonetheless here i lie in room 237 ( what are the odds? ) in semitraction and doped up nicely. But not even hospital admission level pain will keep me from cutting keys for Bill Mac and you all to turn on Monday Night. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory,

Sell out to Stuff the Run

We all saw last week the Patriots defense can shut down the most potent rushing attacks. The big men upfront will need to carry over last Sunday's effort into Monday Night. The Bears three headed monster of David Montgomery - Kahlil Hebert and Fields make up a diverse attack that can come at you in a myriad of ways and when you least expect it Fields can turn a well covered receiver group into a first down with his legs and eyes. Mix up the Zone coverages in the secondary. The Front seven need to hold their lanes and fill their gaps. Good Pad Level People keep Fields in front of you

Run at Mr. Smith

Roquan Smith is far and away the Bears best weapon on the defensive side of the ball. Forget the outside zone runs this week Matty. Up the gut is where you want to run Rhmondre and company in prime time. If you try to get fancy Smith will just run you down, Sad Truth.

More Play-action More Points

Be It Mac or Zap keep the level of play action where it is or even above where it has been these past two weeks. We all saw last season what Jones was able to do off the play action game and how everyone's numbers have swelled with Zappe under center. Don’t be fooled, it's play calling not a talent upgrade that has had the Pats dancing in the locker room.

Don’t settle

The Bears have a kicking game, did you know ? Cairo Santos has been perfect on the season to date and has no issues from beyond 50 yards. Don’t let this turn into a battle of the kickers. Get into the endzone by hook or by crook.

The Weeklies

Own third Down - Get Da Bears into second - third and long, put it on Fields the Pats turned this key last week the Browns converted on just 4 of 15 . while the Pats converted on 50% of their third downs.

Win The Turnover Battle - worked well last week didn't it ?

Limit the Laundry - 12 for 92 yards last week. Really ? REALLY ? eliminate the stupid..

Flip the field - Bailey had to use his leg 4 times last week. Three times he dropped the ball inside the Browns 20. Well done. Make Fields drive the length. Mistakes will happen

Crossers Slants and Seams Oh My

Let the deep shots happen, don't force it there. I know a new toy ( Tyquan Thornton ) . You want to take it out and play with it. But as we all saw last week. The open man is the best option. Parker - Henry and Myers all had great production last week. Hell we even heard from Jonnu Smith. Who woulda thunk it. Let the game flow and follow that flow. Don’t swim upstream Mat.

That's it, my rabid readers. If you’ll excuse me i need to go for an MRI and am in the middle of deep negotiations for a sponge bath as always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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