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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory in Vegas

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Here we go again my rabid readers. This rivalry goes way back. Back to before Crazy Al took on a Boss and forced the commissioner to allow him to move from Oakland to LA. Before Matt Millen slugged Pat Sullivan in 85. Before Al’s hitman Jack Tatum put Darryl Stingley in a wheelchair during a meaningless preseason game. Before he used his bought and paid for politicians ( Ref Ben Dreith) that he plays with like so many nickels and dimes in his pocket to toss a flag at Sugar Bear in the 1976 playoffs. Yes folks way - way back to the AFL days. This one has burned in me and Every Boston / New England Patriots fan for half a century. Here are my monster keys to beating the Raiders

Let’s Get Two High

No, I'm not talking about passing a joint around the room. Two high safety sets are the defense of choice this week. Yes folks we are going into the way-back machine to the days of shutting down the Colts air attack. I want coverage rolled to Davante Adams all night long. The only time I want to hear his name is in how frustrated he is that he can’t find daylight.

Keep Mac Upright and Not Uptight

Tent Brown, Yondy Cajuste and Connor Mcdermott are going to have to push Chanandler Bong AKA Chandler Jones and Maxx Crosby back behind Mac and give him time and space to move up in the pocket to exploit the raiders secondary. Use motion and bunch formations to mix up the Raiders mindset as to who has who and matriculate down field.

The Kids are Alright

Last week proved my point that the best playmakers on this team after Rhmondre ( who should be active Sunday ) are on defense and the bench. Tyquan Thornton, Kevin Harris, and Pierre Strong are not rookies anymore. Marcus Jones is a threat from wherever he lines up on the field. Bill and Matt have to trust them. If this team wants to start scoring in the 30’s

The Weeklies

Own third Down - Patricia has been putting this team behind the Eightball. The lack of early down success has the pats in too many third and longs, get into second and third and short and raise this dismal percentage rate of 27% over the last three games.

Limit the Laundry- OMG people 80 penalty yards last week. I love the 80’s but not when we are talking yardage, CLEAN IT UP.

Win the turnover Battle - the Pats were in the plus column by 2 last week lets keep this going shall we fellas.

Flip the field - yep it's back , anyone out there that can punt ? anyone , anyone ? Bueller ?

Gap Integrity

Okay with the first key that I cut on this ring the big uglies up front are going to have to get nasty all by their lonesome this week. Judon and Uche have been getting home at a rate that boggles the mind but the front has not been pulling their weight. I know that's asking a ton when talking about Davis - Godchaux - Guy and Wise, but Barmore should be ready go go on Sunday. it's on you handsome bastards to shut down Josh Jacobs. And the backers to clean up.

That's it, the ring is full. These keys must have to be turned as this team's back is still up against the wall for a playoff spot. But the Patriots destiny is in their own hands. While people are talking about how well Josh knows this offense, remember Bill sees what Josh has been doing and while he may have taught his consigliere everything he knows, Bill didn't teach him everything he knows.

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