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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory : Colts Week

The Patriots colts rivalry goes back further than most of you reading this know and longer than most of us care to remember. It predates McDaniel saying thanks then No thanks. it began before Manning and his sycophants Bob Kravitz and Greg Doyle showed up. It goes all the way back to the days when both teams lived in the AFC East. Before Bob Irsay turned his back on some of the greatest fans in NFL history and snuck out of Baltimore in Mayflower trucks. Before he left this team his spoiled junkie (allegedly) son took over and before the garbage of Spy or Deflate Gate. In short, I can't stand this team, its ownership and its City. I love the bitter taste a Patriots victory leaves in all of their mouths. Especially Doyle. Here are my Monster Keys to leave the colts sucking lemons.

Own the Line

Make no mistake this week the Colts are going to run the rock as often as they can. And run it with Jonathan Taylor. Taylor has had a slow start to the season due to injuries and a bit of incompetence. The Pats front needs to fill the gaps the Colts line is looking to create. Do not let Taylor get to the second level; he will burn whatever linebacker is in front of him. Warp him up at the line of scrimmage.

Don’t give up the cheap first downs.

Hey look, a running quarterback. Well kind of , While Sam Ehlinger isn't the same freak that the Patriots have faced already this year, if he sees an opportunity he takes it. The colts like to run Zone Read w him under center, Set the Edges .Gap integrity I’m talking to you second level folks. Don't allow him to move the chains with his legs.

Pound them into Submission

Run at Buckner and Ngakoue, Bucker is a mammoth talent but he doesn't possess mammoth size. He's tall and light for his position and has a hard time stopping the run when it's coming right at him. As for Yannick, I'm betting Stevenson and Harris both have their way with him and break tackles all afternoon.

The Weeklies

Own Third Down - The Pats converted on 6 of 19 last week. You know what that tells me ? too many third and longs. Get into second and short situations.

Limit The Laundry - The Offense still seems to be the reigning champion in this category. Be it a false start holding call or lining up WRONG. It's all a lack of concentration and focus. FIX IT.

Win the Turnover Battle - The Patriots are tied with the Eagles in takeaways this season with 16. Guess what they also lead the league in kids ? That's right giveaways. Also with 16. The Eagles are a plus 14 on the season and undefeated.

Flip the field - Bailey punted 4 times for 163 yards pinning the Jets inside the 20 twice, should have been three ( eye roll ) The Colts special teams have been praised by the Hoodie all week. New England is going to have to match that play.

Gorilla Glue

Michael Pittman and Alec Peirce are the two names the Patriots secondary needs to stick with this week. Pittman is going to get his YAC that needs to be addressed. Pierce is rounding into a good compliment to Pittman's abilities, he has that big play thing about him and we all know how this defense even on its best day gives up chunks , Sometimes huge CHUNKS.

My Favorite Target

Is the open target. By either play calling or decision making this forgotten key needs to be used and turned this week. Use that running game to set up play action. Spread the field and the Colts out and find the soft spot. The colts want to attack , make them pay for it with the quick short to intermediate stuff.

That's it my rabid readers. A Nine Key ring may seem a bit much for a team with a 3-4-1 record and in flux as this one is but I'm not taking any chances. And frankly I'd like to see Kravitz and Greg Doyle have a stroke .

S always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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