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Monster Keys to Patriots Thanksgiving Feast

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Patriots Nation. And do we have a lot to be thankful for. It was just 20 odd years ago that we all woke up on thanksgiving hoping that we would see the Pats win just one superbowl in our lifetime. If we had just one we would all go to our graves happy. Now we wake up on this day of thanks with six. And we all get to look forward to tonight's matchup with the Vikings. So let's jump into it and see if we can send the Skol crowd home to cry in their leftover congealed hot dishes and walleye dip. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory.

Stuff That Bird and Run

The Vikings are a light box team. I say the Patriots obliged them and run it early and often. Let the O-line put the Vikings on their heels and allow Rhmondre Stevenson and the re emerging Damien Harris take advantage of clean holes to the second level. We want more tight fullbacks lining up in the backfield.

Don't forget The Foil

Protection - Protection - Protection: I don't care who is out there on the line tonight , don't let Mac get burned, i expect this crew to start taking things personally and give my man the three he needs. This is the reason the Pats aren't 9-2

Second Helpings

In short order Justin Jefferson has turned into the best WR in football. Covering him is not a one man job. Devin McCourty is going to have to QB his best game to keep this man in check. Help over the top . Don't let him get behind you.

Extra Gravy

Can we get Tyquan Thornton and for that matter Devonte Parker some more gravy for this holiday dinner , True the Patriots line has been Pepto abysmal when it comes to giving them time to get a step open downfield but that doesn't mean they can't drag coverage away from the middle and allow the tight ends and slot more room to operate. Aghlor should not be seeing the field on 60% at the detriment of these two. Pick on Booth and Evans , welp now pick on Shelly and Boyd as Booth and Evans are out… Brilliant

The Side Dishes

Win The Turnover Battle - the Patriots are dead even in TO Differential this season 17-17 the Gang Purple is a plus 7, they have only couched it up 3 times on the year, Cousins has tossed just 8 INT. NO WE DON'T LIKE THAT… clean your plate before dessert.

Limit The Laundry - Please I'm begging you all. 71 flags have been tossed at the team in just 10 games…Don't spill the gravy on mom's good tablecloth.

Own third Down - these teams matchup pretty well if you look at the numbers , this is where the Patriots can make hay on Sunday. Move the Chains keep Kirk and Company sitting at the kids table

That Weird Cousin

We all have that weird cousin who only shows up on thanksgiving or when he needs money. Well Kirk can be that guy if you get after him and force him to make decisions faster than he needs to. The Vikings are banged up on their O-line. Christian Darrisaw is out for Thursday's game. Rookie Guard Ed Ingram has been iffy in his pass-pro. Exploit the weak links, get Kirk to the turf.

Thats it my rabid readers i hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday and if the Pats turn my keys i think we can all start thinking about Christmas on Friday morning .

As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @TMurph207

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