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Monster Keys to Patriots Squishing the Phish part Deux

Let's get this out of the way first and foremost. If I owned Miami and Hell. I would rent out Miami and live in Hell. From the artificial- deco to the artificial people. From the unending humidity to the size of their bugs ( mostly roaches ) I honestly don't understand why anyone would willingly live in this asshole built on a swamp. To put it bluntly, when hurricanes head to Miami I root for the Storm. Now that we have that out of the way here are my monster Keys to Patriots victory

Ride The Wave

Finally the Pats listened to me and so many others and kicked Mike Onwenu outside to RT giving Sidy Sow two vets to lean on at RG. and giving the Patriots their best configuration this season. This will all depend on Trent Brown being available sunday, Tren has been limited all week and the lack of him on the left side will be the first cut in this key to surf city

LT Brown - LG Dr Strange - C Andrews - RG Sow - RT Onwenu

Stick with the Run

Yes the Patriots averaged 4 YPC last week but that number is misleading. Both Elliot and Stevenson were both well below the magic number. Pop Douglass got them there with a Jet sweep for 20 yards. That being said they duo did hit their holes and got off a couple of long gains themselves. Stick with the plan. RUN RUN IT RUN IT

Ignore the dollar signs

If you go back and look at the film from 2022 you see who the best WR in a Pats uniform was. Kendrick Bourne. The film you are watching all came when the Patriots were down a receiver or two. Look what happened last week, No JuJu Bourne explodes. Pop Douglas is the # 1 Everyone is clambering for, there is no need to run JuJu and Parker out there this week. NONE. unless they need a blow these two should not come off the field. Also MORE SLIM REAPER, AKA Tyquan Thornton, the Phish are vulnerable over the top lets get someone out there who can get over the top and catch a ball.

Pressure cooking

I want More pressure on Tua this week than the Pats dialled up last week vs the Bills. Get in his face, get big , get him on his toes trying to find a WR. I need to see the big uglies down right scary sunday. I want this kid on his ass early and often.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - see god things happen when they listen to me

Own third Down - the phish are converting at nearly 43% on the season, the Eagles held them to a 36% rate. Pats need to move the chains at 50% this week and hold Miami under 40%

Limit the Laundry - want to know the one thing that stuck in my head while watching film of the Eagles spanking the Phins ? the Eagles had NO flags tossed at them, this didn't sit well with Mike McDaniel who spent his pressor complaining about it, Working the Zebras .. Pats need to keep it clean sunday

Flip that field - Great job last week by the ST unit, I want the same effort

Mystery Key - tune into Locked On Patriots w Mike D’Abate and yours truly for this one.

Holiday Extension

Last week was National Tight Ends Day. I say we extend that holiday, all three of the Pats ends of the tight variety got meaningful looks in the passing game, two of the three did some fantastic blocking, both on the line and down the field. Lets keep this party going and Clare Cooper Happy

Thats it my rabid readers - enjoy the game enjoy the day. If the pats can turn the keys this week ? it's a whole new season. I said at the beginning of the year the AFC East may come down to who gets a sweep of a divisional opponent, The pats have a chance to spoil that for the Phin, and keep their hopes of the postseason alive.

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