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Monster Keys to Patriots Jets Part Deux 

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets my head right like the Patriots beating up on the J-E-T-S … JETS – JETS – JETS . A team I loathe so much that even their resident Fireman makes my blood boil. I once got up and left a bar that the jets cheerleaders walked into in Nassau. Yes, that’s how much I can’t stand this team. Here are my monster keys to Patriots victory. 

Set up play action 

The Jets front seven are one of the more aggressive groups in the NFL, if my next key is going to turn then this one has to be turned first, establish the run and set up play action. It’s time to let Mac Jones start making calls at the line and the Pats need to help him by making the opposition fear the run. 

Keep Mac Pretty

I’ve been saying for weeks now that Michael Onwenu needs to be a fixture at Right Tackle. I am done with the revolving door mentality at that position. Kick Onwenu out and over and get Ted Karras in there at Guard. While Jones looked good throwing the ball downfield last week you won’t see Mcdaniels giving him any more rope this line may hang him with. Keep gangrene off my man’s face.

Shut down the Jets Running game.

Force this game onto Zach Wilsons arm and brain. Edges need to be set, gaps need to be filled. And most importantly giving up big chunk plays to the opposition on the ground needs to end. Last week the Patriots held the Cowboys under four yards per carry but gave up huge chunk plays on the ground at the most inopportune times. The same thing happened in the first meeting between these two teams, it didn’t show on the scoreboard because Wilson tossed four INT’s. 

Paging Mr. Smith

Jonnu Smith has been M.I.A for a good portion of this season, While Mac and Hunter Henry have been connecting on a more regular basis. Smith has been an afterthought. get Jonnu involved this week i care not where.. Just Do it

The Weeklies

Limit the Laundry – Looking Better and Better

Own Third Down – get into third and short and convert

 I don’t want to hear about 4th downs again all week. Get the Jets off the field and get your rest Defense. 

Don’t Settle – again Things are looking up on the sixes vs threes chart. Well done

Win the turnover battle – this team is not good enough to not be perfect in this area. 

Keep it Simple Stupid 

Sometimes I think this Patriots team has too many moving parts, too many personnel packages. Too many new faces and too many old legs. Get out there and focus on what you do well and do it. THAT’S IT. The days of morphing into a different team each week depending on your opponent are over. Find your identity on both sides of the ball and force your will onto the opposition. 

Thats it My Rabid Readers , sorry but the JETS don’t deserve a ring with 7 laser cut keys on it. This is a young dumb group of ballplayers led by a young dumb pretty boy in Zach Wilson. Just don’t give it away and you should come out on top. But Yea there is always a But . 

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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