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Monster Keys to Patriots Desert victory

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

It’s getting tough to sit here and preach to brick walls and stone faces. Quite honestly in the past I could get upset with Josh Mcdaniels for not listening to me but I’m at a point now where I don't think anyone in Foxboro has the mental capacity to take what I'm saying and use it. In all honesty, people. It's almost embarrassing at this point how simple the plays Matt Patricia is calling time and again. But on the other side of that coin is the players and why they can't seem to execute these simple plays. One thing I do know for sure is the Patriots are 6-6 and once again in must win situation mode. Lets see if they can get a win in the desert against a team more desperate for a W than they are. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory.

The Best Second Baseman in the NFL

This is not a week to bring the noise. Containment is the first cut in this key is keeping Murray in front of you and behind the line of scrimmage. This is a scat back with the ability to throw the ball. And quite frankly I'm more in fear of his legs than his arm. He is averaging 6.4 yards per carry and has moved the chains 23 times running the ball this season. Keep your lanes, keep your pad level and when he breaks swarm to the ball. One more thing. HANDS UP !!

Over the top

For the third week in a row the Pats face off against one of the best receivers in the NFL. Like Justin Jefferson and Stephon Diggs before him, DeAndre Hopkins can change the outcome of games with three or four catches. That's why I want to see Jack Jones glued to him all day. Let Jones fight and scrap his way downfield with Hopkins and get him the help he needs over the top.

Run That rock

Yes I know , boring football, but this week boring play calls could yield exciting breakaways. The cardinals play a ton of light boxes and that's like ringing the dinner bell for Rhamondre Stevenson. With the O-lines issues coming into this one it is only smart to allow what group is out there to get going behind solid run blocking. Attack their light box and ride Rhamondre

Attack Their Blitz

The Cardinals are one of the more blitz-happy teams in the league; it's damn near 40%. Use motion to identify and then attack where they came from. Again not exciting football UNLESS you actually execute.

The Weeklies

Own third Down - The Patriots third down conversion rate is plummeting. Mac ad company are at 27% over the past three games, while the cardinals numbers are on the rise.45.5% over the same time. Get these guys off the field

Limit the Laundry - No freebies this week, I'm tired of asking. I’m tired of begging, i’m about to go out back and cut a switch.

Win the turnover Battle - even though the Pats have turned this key the past two weeks it hasn't translated to wins. That's an aberration. This is why the weeklies are cut on one key. They all have to happen for it to turn. I know I ask a lot.

Get time on your side

While the first key to the Pats offense is to run the ball, man can not live by Rhmondre alone. I want to see even more Marcus Jones worked into the offense. Also get the track team out there to open up the midrange NOT SHORT the midrange passing game going, get to the sticks. And sustain drives give the D a blow for Christ sakes.

That's it my rabid readers. There are plenty of reasons the Patriots could drop their third game in a row but all of them, like every loss this season, have been self-inflicted. This team is talented but not talented enough to overcome three or four mistakes. Every key needs to be turned. Even against the 4-6 Cardinals. .

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