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Monster Keys to Patriots Colts 

Every time I go to Indianapolis I try to get past my preconceived notions of the Colts. Their whiny bought and paid for press. The never ending conga line of bitching coaches and general managers. And of course their spoiled entitled allegedly clean Drunken pill popping Junkie of an Owner Jim Ersay. But sure enough before I finish my shrimp cocktail at ST. Elmo’s. Gregg Doyle’s giant neck bubble of a head pops onto my Twitter feed and, I hear he’s at it again with another Patriots rant.

Then the pumped in crowd noise – Anonymous calls to the NFL – Crying for rules changes to protect their jungle juice using nine times one and done fraud of a quarterback and the Suck for Luck, memories flood my brain until I can’t get a coherent thought down on paper. So I ordered my St Elmo’s Cocktail Sauce online and stayed home to bring you the Monster Keys to Patriots victory.  

Barkeep I’d Like to RUN a Tab 

Okay so the Colts have been telling the world that they are going to make this team one dimensional – they are going to shut down the Patriots running game and put it in the hands of Mac Jnes, GREAT go for it. Get Jakob Johnson on the field early and let’s see if they can handle the Patriots Drinking Age personnel ? Get into 21 and let Johnson find that lead backer and get Harris and Stevenson to the second level behind the guards, WHAM ! CRACK ! BOOM ! 

Play-action to Pay-action 

McCorkle’s play action game has come a long way from the awkward beginnings we saw in the first three weeks of the season.  What was once a clunky looking third and long club pulled from the bag of Josh McDaniels has become the smooth as warm butter over out of the oven bread call from the young QB. Slants and crossers to Myers and Bourne and Seam routes to Henry will be the perfect counterpunch to the Colts game plan. 

Gap Control 

Just like the Pats, we know the Colts want to run the football. Stopping Jonathan Taylor is the most important key on this ring. How do you stop Taylor ? Control the gaps he runs through. Don’t overcommit, Don’t over pursue. Eliminate the cut back. Be ready for the PONY packages. 

The Weeklies

Win the Turnover Battle – this week that’s holding onto the ball.  The Colts have forced fourteen fumbles this year and recovered all fourteen! thank you Evan Lazar !  The Colts have not won a game this year when Wentz has turned the ball over. Thank you Alex Barth. I want a win here but I’ll settle for a 0-0 tie,  

Limit the Laundry – we all know the Pats are a disciplined football team, after a shaky start they have become one of the least penalized teams in the league. Take a guess who has a dozen fewer on the year, Yes the Colts. Keep it clean people. 

Make them settle. – own the red zone this week people, force them into taking three’s 

Own third Down – The Patriots have been backsliding in this area as of late. In their last three games the Pats are converting on just 29.4% of third down conversions. On the flip side the Colts are trending up with a 55.5% rate. See what I’m getting at here ? 

Flip the Field – I hope the bye week has Jake Bailey looking more like Jake Bailey Saturday evening, bury this team deep when you get the chance Jake. force them to march the length. 

Therapy with Lucy VanPelt 

Nickels – Nickels – Nickels – Like Lucy, I love the sight of Nickels. This week, get Big upfront and into that three safety nickel look. Beg them to run the ball. And use it to stuff that run. With Dugger back this team has the personnel to do it. We’ve seen it. 

Thats it my rabid readers, I hate Saturday games, but if the Pats can turn these keys I think I may hate them just a little less. Remember if the Pats take care of business Saturday, we get a Hat and Tee Shirt game next Sunday vs The Billdoes . 

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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