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Monster Keys to Patriots Bills Part II

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Get up Quick Defense

Defense ? WTF Murph ? I hear you all thinking it, it's a superpower of mine. Yes the defense needs to set the tone early. The Bills scored on their first two drives in game one, they didn't even face a third down on their second possession on their way to a 10-7 lead. This D needs to get off to a hot start and keep Josh Allen on the sidelines. Mix up your coverages. keep the guessing game going.

Play to the whistle

We all know Josh Allen is a beast to get down. Last time out his abilities to extend plays cost the Patriots four points on a single play. You all know the play i’m talking about Mr all world Kyle Dugger gave up on a play with Allen running to the sideline. And bingo - bango - bongo another seven points were put on the board. As Allen found Glen Davis wide open in the endzone. PLAY TO THE WHISTLE . Or suffer the consequences and take up golf.

I'm Done with it. DONE

This week on One Patriots Place we had Even Lazar of in as our special guest and He Clare and I all came together at the same time speaking on the Crush and Contain or mush rush that you have heard people like myself and others call for. Crush the pocket and contain him. Well I'm done . Get after this man and drag him to the turf. Don't be happy to keep him behind the LOS. I want him tasting turf.

Spread it out Spread them thin

Let's face facts, the Patriots are going to have to put points on the board this week. This will not be a W weekend if the pats only score 17 or even 24 points. Mac is most comfortable in 11 personnel. Has been since he came into the league. Get into 11 One RB One TE and fill out with 3 WR’s. Let Mac get into the gun and Attack the Bills secondary, vertical is the word for this Sunday. That doesn't mean 30 yard shots every time you drop back.

The Weeklies

Win the Turnover Battle - The Bills are dead even in the giveaway takeaway department. The Pats are racking up turnovers often enough to be a plus 7 on the season, i'd like to see that number at plus 9

Limit the Laundry - The Patriots have 102 penalties on the season giving up more than 800 yards. Their opponents have just 87 on the year. STUPID FOOTBALL IS LOSING FOOTBALL

Own third Down - the bills have the best third down rate in the NFL 49% , you know this key needs to be turned. Get them into 2nd and 3rd and long.

Flip the Field - Paging Jake Bailey. Please get back on the field.

Sling it in the Zone

The Patriots have had serious issues in the red zone all season. Part of that has been the hesitation of Matty P trusting Mac inside the 20. Sling it Matt. go back and watch the film of Amendola running across the back line , watch Edleman on the quick slant. Use Henry on the corner fade. Make the bills respect the threat ! it's not going to work everytime,, but keep it in their heads.

Thats it my rabid readers, my friends, my confidants. I cut this set of keys for you with a 102 degree fever. If the keys turn and the Patriots come out on top ill try to induce a fever for week one of the playoffs too LOL’s

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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