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Monster Keys To Patriots Bills II 

Feels like we were just here doesn’t it ? It would be easy to just link you to the keys from two weeks ago but as you all know, I never take the easy way out or miss an opportunity to drag Bills Mafia. Not that you’d notice it since they don’t bathe. Lucky for all of us the trip to Western New York is in the rear view mirror and we won’t have to deal with the great unwashed Sunday at 1PM. It will be nice seeing young women and kids at the game Sunday. Here are my Monster keys to Patriots Victory. 

Get Physical 

I’m not asking. After last week’s “effort” against the Dolts, I’m telling you. Both the offensive and defensive lines need to show me something. And I’m talking from the opening whistle until these phony usurpers of the AFC east are headed back to whence they came. I want every player in a Bills uniform to know they were in a rock fight. 

Five Cents on the track

Have you ever put a coin down on a railroad track ? I’m sure everyone reading this over the age of 40 has – you kids, I’m not so sure. Anyway the point, Murph, the point. BIG NICKEL that’s the plan of attack this week on the defensive side of the ball. I need to see three safeties on the field at all times. I need someone not spying on, but keeping their head facing into the Bill’s backfield. Walking boot or not, Josh Allen is going to run the ball himself this weekend. He’s going to try to put the team on his back – put him on his. Stay in the game Mr Dugger. Set that edge Mr. Judon. 

Dash and Gash 

Yes I know you’ve all been goaded into “Let Mac Cook“ but facing this team you want to keep it on the ground until they can stop you.  Force them to load up the box and let Josh cook the play action dessert. 

The Weeklies

Limit the Laundry – The bills have now been penalized 97 times this year for more than 950 yards. The Patriots need to let them keep shooting themselves in the foot. Take the freebies, don’t give them up. 

Own Third Down – the Bills third down conversion rate is dropping like a stone.  They are hitting just 30% over their last three games and won’t have Beasley. There is no excuse not to be able to turn this key. 

Win The Turnover Battle – an extra opportunity could be the hinge Sunday. Come out on top with this key and come out on top of the division. 

Don’t Settle – Sixes not threes. 14 points won’t do it this week. Get it done in the red zone, especially the high red zone. No this is not a FOB to go for it on 4th and seven. 

Mix Tempo 

Josh needs to get this Bills squad in a defensive package he thinks he can exploit: going up-tempo and keeping them on the field is a key that demands turning. Even from the opening kickoff. I am not calling for an all out no huddle day here but to mix it in when the opportunity arrives. 

That’s it my rabid readers. It’s a hat and tee shirt game, who thought we’d be saying that year two ? 

As always follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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