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MLB Network Cuts Bowties with Ken Rosenthal 

It appears Rob Manfred is not a fan of The Godfather. As Manfred I mean the MLB Network has made the decision to not bring back it’s most respected face – voice and scribe, Ken Rosenthal. The decision reportedly comes as the result of Rosenthal writing critical pieces about MLB commissioner Rob Manfred during the summer of 2020. Manfred took it very personally.

Can confirm MLB Network has decided not to bring me back. I’m grateful for the more than 12 years I spent there, and my enduring friendships with on-air personalities, producers and staff. I always strove to maintain my journalistic integrity, and my work reflects that. 1/2 — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) January 4, 2022

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported yesterday that Rosenthal first was kept off the air for three months after criticizing Manfred in his coverage for The Athletic. A formal suspension was never announced. At the end of the Hushpension (yea not a typo)  Rosenthal returned to the air during the network’s coverage of the 2020 trade deadline on Aug. 31. He continued his unparalleled coverage of the league until his contract was up on December 31st of 2021. 

Nothing else is changing for me professionally. I am proud to remain part of the great teams at The Athletic and Fox Sports. 2/2 — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) January 4, 2022

But I digress. It seems while most of the baseball loving world is waiting on a solution, a compromise or at least a sit down between the Billionaires vs Millionaires Mob War AKA The Lockout. Manfred has chosen to turn his back on Business to take care of his Personal vendettas. He made sure Ken was not brought back to the Network. Once again showing his tone-deaf attitude to the game and it’s fans. This sickens me.

You All deserve Better

 If nothing else MLB’ ownership of this network begs for open honest reporting. Where the opinions of their columnists and on air faces are respected. With this move by Manfred it shows that nothing could be further from the network’s business plan. The MLB network exists as nothing more than a propaganda outlet and writers and personalities on the payroll had better realize they are bought and paid for. They better get every story right ( according to the Commissioners office.) Or they will be sleeping with the fishes. 

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