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MLB doesn’t care, why should we?

Major League Baseball continues to pretend they do not see certain issues until they are forced to take action. When they do take action it becomes the player’s problem. MLB doesn’t have to answer as to why they took so long to do something. The integrity of the sport has been long gone. As long as MLB sees money being made, they don’t care what players do to try to be the best. 


We all knew steroids were being used in the ’90s. We all knew MLB knew about it and turned the other way. Players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were praised during their careers. Yet we act all high and mighty about it when it comes to choosing who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. 

Barry Bonds shouldn’t have to wait until his last year on the ballot for writers to decide that they will vote for him. The same goes for Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and Manny Ramirez. You didn’t care during their prime knowing steroids were in baseball. Don’t act as if you care now. Steroids do not make a player better. They still have to hit or throw the ball. And don’t think just because a name wasn’t leaked or a player hasn’t been suspended after 2003 that they didn’t use anything illegal. It takes just one angry person to ruin the reputation of a beloved player.

And IDC A-Rod was suspended. We all know who did what. If you’re voting for other steroid guys, A-Rod belongs there too. Either they all get in or none get in. — Christian (@Christian_NYYST) December 15, 2021

Why is Andy Pettite being “punished” for using HGH in hopes to heal from an elbow injury quicker? It’s one thing to not vote for him because you do not believe his numbers give him the right to be a Hall of Famer but his use of HGH shouldn’t be part of the reason. How do we know players like Mariano Rivera or Derek Jeter didn’t use them? Remember, PEDs aren’t just about hitting or throwing the ball hard. According to A-Rod, he used illegal substances to have more energy during his time with the Rangers and then with the Yankees because of hair loss. 


And what about teams creating ways to know what is coming or helping with spin rate? Will the writers snub Justin Verlander when it’s time for his chance on the ballot? Will they conveniently forget about the trash cans when it comes to Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa? It doesn’t matter if Altuve had to keep telling his teammates to stop banging the trash cans when he was batting. He still benefited from it through RBIs. Like steroids, trash cans don’t help a player get better. They still have to make contact but it’s an advantage knowing what is coming.


I think the writers will try their best to justify their reason for voting those guys in. Especially Verlander since he was on the IL during the “sticky stuff” controversy. Let’s be honest, Gerrit Cole should not have been the ONLY face of that scandal but he was since Verlander was recovering from Tommy John surgery. We all questioned how Verlander turned it around when he joined the Astros in 2017. It was commented how every pitcher joining the Astros at that time suddenly got better as if the team had “magic”. Charlie Morton was part of that conversation too. Trevor Bauer even did an experiment and pretty much accused the Astros of using a combination of stuff. No one wanted to believe him then. 

That whole Astros run was a cheating factory. Sign stealing, spider tack, Verlander goes from looking he’s on the decline to Cy Young again? Coincidence? Tired of losing. Get me consistent players with an edge who can produce. — GO DJ 2 (@GODJ2) October 9, 2021

You can argue that Verlander’s time prior to August 2017 gets him in the Hall of Fame. But can we be certain that he didn’t use anything else? No. Therefore, there is no reason to act like Spider Tack is a legit reason to avoid voting for him later. The same with Gerrit Cole and any other pitcher that used it. They still needed to locate the ball even with the high spin rate Spider Tack helps with. 


Major League Baseball will continue to look away from certain things and only act on them when certain players complain enough, a player spills tea, or the FBI gets involved. Notice the half-assed job they did to the Astros for illegally stealing signs in 2017. The punishment was a joke and yet teams were told they could serve more time retaliating than an Astro did for using a trash can and monitor. 

Noticed the ridiculous rule they placed for the “sticky stuff” in 2021. When hitters like Josh Donaldson cried about Spider Tack since the balls weren’t juiced anymore, that was when action was done. We know MLB loves to have those baseballs juiced and conveniently not tell teams about it. When the pitchers complained about the baseball being changed, MLB did nothing because it gave the hitters the advantage and home runs were being hit (like during steroids in the ’90s). They even snuck some changed baseballs in during the 2021 season without informing teams. 

Major League Baseball really does not care about how a team gets better as long as money continues to be made. As long as more people watch the sport. As long as people keep talking about it.

The players shouldn’t be “punished” when it’s time for the Hall of Fame. Vote for the players that have the numbers to enter. Don’t worry about how they got it because MLB certainly doesn’t. 

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