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MLB AL East week previews – 6/28/21

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(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

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Yankees fans are frustrated at how the team played over the weekend. Red Sox fans laugh as they take first place. This week the standings can change again for better or worse for the top four teams. Let’s see what happened over the weekend and what is to come this week in the MLB AL East.


The series started with a retirement ceremony for Dustin Pedroia. Players, current and former, gathered to celebrate the career of a loved player. Martin Perez started for the Red Sox, lasted only 3.2 innings, and gave up three runs. Although they were all unearned from an error by Xander Bogaerts, it still tied the game in the second inning. Bogaerts’ error was the team’s 57th error which leads MLB. Christian Vazquez went 2 for 3 with a walk and Hunter Renfroe went one for one with two walks. Adam Ottavino reminded the Yankees why it was a mistake to trade him for salary relief. Matt Barnes got into some trouble in the 9th inning but managed to get out of it with a double play by DJ LeMahieu

Taking this energy into the weekend. — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 26, 2021

The next two games were just dominance by the Sox. Nathan Eovaldi pitched an absolute gem against the Yankees and Eduardo Rodriguez followed on Sunday.  With the Rays’ loss against the Angels, the Sox are back in first place for now.

Nate's Night: 7.2 IP 7 H 1 R 0 BB 6 K — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 27, 2021

The next series for the Sox is against the Royals and then they head west to face the A’s and Angels. The last time the Sox faced the Royals, they lost the series. They look for redemption this week and try to add on to their lead in the division.


The Rays opened the series against the Angels with a win. They went with an opener as Andrew Kittredge went two innings and gave up two runs. One of them via the home run by Shohei Ohtani. The Rays offense took the lead in the bottom of the first before Josh Fleming gave up the tying run for the Angels. The Rays then took the lead in the seventh inning and kept it. Austin Meadows had a good night going 3 for 4. Kevin Kiermaier also went 3 for 4 for the night. Fleming later was placed on the IL with a right calf strain and recalled Louis Head from Triple-A.

The Rays ended up with a series win but their loss on Sunday cause the Red Sox to take first place again. They now play a two-game series against Max Scherzer and the Nationals then take on the Blue Jays for three games. The only thing the Rays can do is continue to win games and hope the Red Sox fall into a bad stretch.


The Jays winning streak came to an end on Friday as the Orioles came from behind to win the game in 10 innings. George Springer went 1 for 3 with a walk and a home run. Lourdes Gurriel Jr went 3 for 4 on Friday night. Alek Manoah pitched six innings and gave up one run. Tyler Chatwood gave up three runs and Tayler Saucedo blew the lead in the same inning. Trent Thornton gave up the winning run for the Orioles in the 10th. 

The Jays won the next two games against the Orioles completing a series win. The Jays are currently in third place after the Yankees got swept by the Red Sox. The Mariners come into town for four games and then the Jays try to gain ground on the Rays.


After taking the series from the Royals, the Yankees entered Fenway Park feeling good about themselves. The first game of the series, however, wasn’t great for them. The offense tied the game in the second inning but it wasn’t held for long. Domingo German lasted four innings and gave up four runs. The go-ahead run in the fourth for the Red Sox was unearned due to an error by German failing to get Rafa