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Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE #30

The Official Michinoku Pro Wrestling Channel is now presenting Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE #30, the latest edition of their YouTube program. Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE shows take place at the Michinoku Pro Dojo in Iwate, Japan.

Existing since 1993, Michinoku Pro was created with Iwate in mind, so many events in Iwate feature matches that are not seen anywhere else in the country. Michinoku Pro hosts shows at their dojo regularly but occasionally will stream a show live via YouTube as well.

This episode features Michinoku Pro’s most unique dojo show yet, as it is the first-ever, “Dojo Parking Lot Pro-Wrestling” event. Taro Nohashi, Ayumu Gunji, Koji Kawamura, OSO11, and Ringo Yamatani will all compete in a, “Five Way” match. With no ropes or ring, all five wrestlers will be out of their element in this match that takes place in the parking lot of the dojo.

Taro Nohashi attained a big accomplishment this year by becoming co-holder of the Triple Crown Tag Championship, and being the victor of this inaugural event would be an additional achievement during what has been a highlight year for his career.

Although Ayumu Gunji, Koji Kawamura, and OSO11 are fellow members of the New Generation faction, all allegiances will be thrown out the window in this match, as all three competitors want to make a big impression by being the victor of the first Dojo Parking Lot Pro-Wrestling event.

Still in the early stages of his career, Ringo Yamatani emerging as the winner of this match would be an impressive feat and a boost to his fighting spirit.

Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE #30 can be seen here.


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