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Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE #26

The Official Michinoku Pro Wrestling Channel is now presenting Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE #26, the latest edition of their YouTube program. Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE shows take place at the Michinoku Pro Dojo in Iwate, Japan.

Existing since 1993, Michinoku Pro was created with Iwate in mind, so many events in Iwate feature matches that are not seen anywhere else in the country. Michinoku Pro hosts shows at their dojo regularly but occasionally will stream a show live via YouTube as well.

There is one match on this episode, and it’s a, “Best Two Out Of Three Falls Tag Team” match in which the team of MUSASHI & Ringo Yamatani face the team of Ayumu Gunji & Koji Kawamura. In only the ninth match of his pro-wrestling career, Yamatani has a valuable wrestling experience in this match as he is in the ring with three members of New Generation who are top talents in tag team wrestling: his partner MUSASHI is a  former Tohoku Tag Team Champion, and it just so happens that he co-held the championship with Gunji, who is on the opposite side of the ring in this match. Along with holding that championship on two separate occasions, Gunji is also a former UWA World Tag Team Champion. And although Kawamura has not held a tag team championship yet, he has teamed with MUSASHI and Gunji often.

Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE #26 can be seen here.

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