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Michinoku Pro 8/13/22 Iwate Event! Summer Vacation Series 2022!

The wrestlers of Michinoku Pro will be in action on August 13 at Kamaishi City Civic Hall TETTO in Iwate (6:30 PM start time), as a part of Summer Vacation Series 2022. Existing since 1993, Michinoku Pro was created with Iwate in mind, so many events in Iwate feature matches that are not seen anywhere else in the country.

Match 1: Rasse vs. Ringo Yamatani

Rasse and Ringo Yamatani previously faced each other last month, and Rasse was the victor on that night. Yamatani showed a fighting spirit and endured many holds before ultimately submitting to the former Tohoku Tag Team Champion. In this rematch, will the result be different?

Match 2: GAINA & Taro Nohashi vs. Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei

This will be a match between two of the top teams in Michinoku Pro. Earlier this year, Taro Nohashi and GAINA became the first (and to date, only) Tohoku, UWA World, Kyushu Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Tag Champions in pro-wrestling history. Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei have had more reigns as Tohoku Tag Team Champions than any other team. The team that wins this match perhaps will receive a tag team title shot in the future.

Match 3: The Great Sasuke vs. Manjimaru

Manjimaru has been in Michinoku Pro for 18 years but singles matches between him and The Great Sasuke are rare. They have often teamed together or faced each other in multi man matches, but the only time they have ever faced each other in a singles match was in 2010, in a match that Sasuke was the winner of. Since that time, Manjimaru captured the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship, and his reign was the longest in the history of the championship (a record that was broken last year by Rui Hyugaji). Meanwhile, Sasuke has held the championship a record three times (a record that Fujita Hayato tied last month).

Match 4: Ken45 vs. Ayumu Gunji

Currently co-holder of the Tohoku Tag Team Championship and a tag team specialist in general throughout his 19-year career, Ken45 still does compete in singles matches occasionally. The same can be said for Ayumu Gunji, who has focused on tag teaming in the past during his career, holding the Tohoku Tag Team Championship on two occasions, as well as the UWA World Tag Team Championship, and now primarily teams with his fellow New Generation members, but still goes against established members of the roster in singles action. This should be a very interesting current generation vs. New Generation singles match.

Match 5: MUSASHI, Koji Kawamura, and OSO11 vs. Rui Hyugaji, Yapperman No. 1, and Yapperman No. 2

This match will be another battle in the ongoing war between New generation and the current generation of Michinoku Pro.

MUSASHI  has tag team success on his resume as a former Tohoku Tag Team Champion, and Koji Kawamura has teamed with MUSASHI often. OSO11, the newest member of New Generation, is undefeated in both singles and tag team action.

Yapperman No. 1 and Yapperman No. 2 have had three reigns as Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champions (with Rasse) on their resumes as proof of Yappeman No. 1 & No 2’s six man prowess. And adding to that, Rui Hyugaji has been teamed with them in multi-man matches occasionally over the past year, at Michinoku Pro events in September last yearthis past May, and last month.


For those of you who will be in Japan on August 13, tickets are currently on sale for this event.

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