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Michinoku Pro 8/10/22 Miyagi Event! Summer Vacation Series 2022!

The wrestlers of Michinoku Pro will be in action on August 10 at Tome Festival Theater (Mizuno Sato Hall) in Miyagi (6:30 PM start time), as a part of Summer Vacation Series 2022.

Match 1: Manjimaru vs. Ringo Yamatani

Continuously eager to face top competition three months into his career, this time rookie Ringo Yamatani will step into the ring with the current co-holder of the Tohoku Tag Team Championship and the second longest reigning Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion in history. Manjimaru will be one of Yamatani’s toughest challenges yet.

Match 2: Rasse vs. OSO11

Rasse is an established member of the Current Generation of Michinoku Pro, holding impressive wins over legend The Great Sasuke, former Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion Taro Nohashi, and former UWA World Middleweight Champion Nogyo Boy Raito. However, he will face unfamiliar opposition on August 10 when he goes against the mysterious OSO11, who made his debut at the July 16 Michinoku Pro event as Ayumu Gunji’s mystery partner and the newest member of the New Generation faction. Together, they defeated Yapperman No. 1 & No. 2, one of the best tag teams in Michinoku Pro. Will Rasse suffer a similar fate?

Match 3: The Great Sasuke & GAINA vs. Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei

The Great Sasuke and GAINA have a long history with each other as opponents. GAINA defeated Sasuke for the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship in 2006, and GAINA and Taro Nohashi defeated Sasuke & Jinsei Shinzaki for UWA World Tag Team Championship last year and the Tohoku Tag Team Championship this past March. But this time they will be on the same side of the ring as they team against top tag team Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei, who hold the record for the team with the most reigns as Tohoku Tag Team Champions, with an outstanding 4 reigns under their belts. They also held the UWA World Tag Team Championship on two occasions.

Match 4: Ken45 vs. Taro Nohashi

At the July 17 Michinoku Pro event, Ken45 & Manjimaru defeated Taro Nohashi & GAINA for the Tohoku Tag Team Championship. This time, Ken45 and Nohashi will face each other in singles action. The Tohoku Tag Team Championship is not the only thing these two men have in common. They are both former UWA World Tag Team Champions, as well as former members of the Kowloon faction, which existed in Michinoku Pro from 2008 to 2012.

Match 5: MUSASHI, Koji Kawamura, and Ayumu Gunji vs. Rui Hyugaji, Yapperman No. 1, and Yapperman No. 2

The ongoing battle between New Generation and the current generation shows no signs of slowing down, as both sides will clash in the main event. It will be six man action, and Yapperman No. 1 & 2 will definitely be an asset in this match, their three reigns as Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champions (with Rasse) on their resumes as proof of Yappeman No. 1 & No 2’s six man prowess. And adding to that, Rui Hyugaji has been teamed with them in multi-man matches occasionally over the past year, at Michinoku Pro events in September last year, this past May, and last month.

However, MUSASHI, Koji Kawamura, and Ayumu Gunji have been teaming together on a regular basis ever since they formed the New Generation faction in early 2021. It will be interesting to see how much of an effect this has on the outcome of this match.


For those of you who will be in Japan on August 10, tickets are currently on sale for this event.

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