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Michinoku Pro 7/17/22 Sendai Event! Tohoku Tag Team Championship on the Line!

On July 17 at the Sendai Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall, Michinoku Pro makes its return to Sendai, with the Tohoku Tag Team Championship on the line.

GAINA & Taro Nohashi, currently in their third reign as Tohoku Tag Team Champions, will be defending their championship against Manabu & Ken45. Both men are former holders of the championship, and Manabu forced Taro Nohashi into submission during a tag team match at last week’s Michinoku Pro event at Korakuen Hall. If Manabu is able to do this again on July 17, Michinoku Pro will have new Tohoku Tag Team Champions.

The Tohoku Tag Team Championship has a lot of legitimacy in the industry, with many great teams being a part of its lineage, including Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2, and Dick Togo & The Great Sasuke. When GAINA & Taro Nohashi won the championship in March, they unified it with the  UWA World Tag Team Championship. Combined with the Kyushu Pro Tag Team Championship, which they also held, GAINA & Nohashi became the first Tohoku, UWA World, Kyushu Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Tag Champions in pro-wrestling history.

Although GAINA & Taro Nohashi no longer hold the UWA World Tag Team Championship, they have proven this year that they are one of the best tag teams in the pro-wrestling industry, and they no doubt plan on leaving Sendai Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall with their Tohoku Tag Team Championship intact.


Jinsei Shinzaki Rasse (former Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champion) Rui Hyugaji vs. MUSASHI Kazuki Hashimoto (former Yokohama Shopping Street Six Man Tag Team Champion) Ayumu Gunji

Yapperman No. 1  (former Tohoku Tag Team Champion) Yapperman No. 2  (former Tohoku Tag Team Champion) vs. Koji Kawamura (member of the New Generation faction) Yasutaka Oosera (member of the New Generation faction)

The Great Sasuke (former Tohoku Tag Team Champion) Pretty Ota vs. Brahman Shu (former Tohoku Tag Team Champion) Ryuji Ito (former BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion, former BJW Tag Team Champion)

(A mystery opponent) vs. Ringo Yamatani


For those of you who will be in Japan on July 17, tickets are currently on sale for this event.

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