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Michinoku Pro 7/16/22 & 7/17/22 Events Update: Multi-Time Former BJW Death Match Heavyweight Ch

Brahman Kei, who was scheduled to take part in the 7/16 Michinoku Pro event in Yahaba Town and the 7/17 Michinoku Pro event in Sendai as part of the July series, has sustained an injury. His replacement will be one of the top talents on the BJW roster- Ryuji Ito.

Ryuji Ito has one of the most impressive resumes in BJW. He is a seven-time BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion, which is more reigns than anyone else who has held the championship. Ito’s first and fourth reigns are the two longest reigns in the history of the championship.

Along with having been at the top of BJW as a singles wrestler, Ryuji Ito is an accomplished tag team wrestler as well. He is a two-time former BJW Tag Team Champion.

These will not be Ryuji Ito’s first appearances in Michinoku Pro. He first appeared in 2001, one of Ito’s matches being a part of Future Champ League V6, which was a tournament that focused on young stars and featured talent from Michinoku Pro and BJW. He then returned in 2007, teaming with Taro Nohashi and Kota Ibushi to face Fujita Hayato, Rasse, and Kagetora.

Ryuji Ito returned to Michinoku Pro in 2010, and then one more time in 2013, with his final appearance until now being in a “Barbed Wired Board Death” match against Taro Nohashi.

Ryuji Ito has made an impact in other promotions as well. He has wrestled in DDT, where he won the KO-D Tag Team Championship.

In 2011, Ryuji Ito defended the BJW Death Match Championship at a CZW event in the US. This match led to the announcement that he and other BJW wrestlers would be taking part in Cage Of Death that year, which is CZW’s biggest event.

To see the updated 7/16 Michinoku Pro card, click here. For the updated 7/17 Michinoku Pro card, click here.

Ryuji Ito is not the only BJW star who will surely make a big impression in Michinoku Pro this year, as former BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion Kazuki Hashimoto joined Michinoku Pro faction New Generation this past May.

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