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Michinoku Pro 3/20/22 Sendai Event!

One day after the big Yahaba Town event, the wrestlers of Michinoku Pro will be in action on March 20 at the Sendai Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall in Sendai.

In the main event, the battle between the new generation and the established members of the roster continues as MUSASHI, Ayumu Gunji, Koji Kawamura, and Yasutaka Oosera go against GAINA, Taro Nohashi, Yapperman 1, and Yapperman 2.

We already know that MUSASHI will be arriving as Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion, but after what happens at the Yahaba Town event, will GAINA and Taro Nohashi be arriving as Triple Crown Tag Champions, or will the new generation be arriving with all of the gold?

In other action, Manabu Murakami & Ken 45 ° will go against Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei.

Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei are much more experienced as a team, and hold the record for the team with the most reigns as Tohoku Tag Team Champions, with 4 reigns under their belts. However, Manabu Murakami & Ken 45 ° can definitely hold their own in tag team action as well. Murakami has held the Tohoku Tag Team Championship for 334 days, which is the fifth-longest reign in the championship’s history. Meanwhile, Ken 45 ° is a former Tohoku Tag Team Champion and a former UWA World Tag Team Champion.

The Great Sasuke, Jinsei Shinzaki, and Aisawa No. 1 will face each other in a, “Three Way” match.

Two legends of the ring and cornerstones of Michinoku Pro, The Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki are very familiar with each other, their most recent match against each other being last year. And their resumes are beyond compare.

Jinsei Shinzaki has wrestled for companies all over the world, while The Great Sasuke was the original holder of the J-Crown (a unification of eight different titles from eight different companies worldwide), as well as the longest-reigning NWA World Middleweight Champion in the Championship’s history. While Aisawa No. 1 is not as well known as Sasuke and Shinzaki, he should not be underestimated. Aisawa No. 1 was trained by Michinoku Pro and has 14 years of ring experience, most of those matches taking place in Michinoku Pro. He has also appeared in AJPW, ZERO1, Sendai Girls, and FMW.

Also, two established members of the Michinoku Pro roster will compete in singles action, as Rui Hyugaji will face Rasse. Hyugaji is the longest-reigning Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion of all time, while Rasse holds impressive wins over former Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion Taro Nohashi and former UWA World Middleweight Champion Nogyo Boy Raito.


For those of you who will be in Japan on March 20, tickets are currently on sale for this event.

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