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Mental Toughness

One of the biggest aspects of being “that guy” is MENTAL TOUGHNESS.  Pro Sports can hold all the combines they want, with numbers, guys looking good running, pickup games, or skating around cones.  You can talk to a prospect to get a feel for who they are, how they approach things, and their passion for the game.  Evaluators can not get into the mind or hearts of athletes to see what makes them tick.  Friday night in Boston, we saw two guys who went 24th and 30th in their respective drafts teach two younger high lottery picks how it’s done.  Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry despite being hobbled went out and willed their squad to a road Game # 6 win in an amped TD Garden in Boston.  Game #7 looms on Sunday evening in Miami.  The question is did the Celtics pair learn about “sweeping the leg” or are the Wiley vets of Miami ready to finish the job.  I watch this postgame and as a Celtics Fan not feel comfortable.  We undervalued mental toughness and looked at flash dunks as the answer.

In Sports, you need some star power to get to the ultimate goal- CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Numbers are wonderful and get you in the Hall of Fame but the fact is by the time you’re in High School, you’re playing Sports to WIN.  Let me ask you, which of these guys would you take?

Or this guy??

The Mentally tough guy will win most of the time.  It’s not measured, you just have it.  The numbers guy will wilt, the question is Sunday Night in Miami for the young Celtics, can you do both??  That is a superstar, all-time legend, or even a G.O.A.T.

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