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May 5th: Robert’s MLB top-10 power rankings

A month into the 2021 MLB regular season, we’ve seen a lot of spectacular things throughout the league. We’ve seen walk-off home runs. Bench-clearing brawls have happened that have resulted in suspension. Teams that everyone thought were going to be terrible this year finish the month of April in first-place. Altogether, the MLB is in a good place.

As we move to May, the weather is going to begin to change and add a summerlike feel in the air. Runs will be at a premium as pitchers begin to find their rhythm. A lot of teams that started off the season in a rut have begun to get out of that slump. Teams that started off the season strong are beginning to fall on hard times. The ebbs and flows of a season are starting to take shape. In a 162 game season, there going to be good moments and bad moments.  For all ten teams on this list this week, they’ve all had some pretty good moments early in the season.

Here is my weekly installment of “Robert’s MLB power rankings.”

10. Tampa Rays (14-15)

A month into the season, the Tampa Rays have been extremely inconsistent. Offensively, it seems like every other game, someone in their lineup is contributing. Tyler Glasnow and Michael Wacka are keeping this team afloat in my power rankings for this week. Both have pitched fantastic and are eaten up innings so the bullpen doesn’t take the burden.

Heading west with some momentum — Tampa Bay Rays (@RaysBaseball) May 2, 2021

9. San Francisco Giants (17-11)

Nobody ever thought the Giants were even going to compete this year. Well, here they are, and to be honest, they aren’t going anywhere. This team is going to compete for a division title right now. Getting Buster Posey back after opting out of the 2020 season could be the single most important thing this team needed.  Posey not only can defend well behind the plate, but he has also refined his hitting skills and has become a legitimate threat for opposing pitchers.

Starting pitchers, Alex Wood and Aaron Sanchez have contributed in large part to these teams’ success so far in 2021. The Bullpen is still a question mark and could possible hinder them from competing for an MLB playoff spot.

8. Kansas City Royals (16-10)

This is the second team on my list that nobody thought they would compete for a division title in 2021. After Alex Gordon retired, there wasn’t a guy in their lineup you could look at and say “we can count on that guy to be our leader”. Well, Salvador Perez has taken the role as “leader” for the Royals and has picked up right where Gordon left off. The addition of Carlos Santana has made this team more well-rounded.

7. Houston Astros (15-13)

The Astros were in a slump for most of April. Now that they have a healthy lineup and are getting contributions from a whole new set of players, the sky is the limit for Houston. Yordon Alverez is starting to go off at the right time so look out for him to have a big month of May!

Shifting gears, the starting pitching staff will be something Houston needs to address in the coming months to move up in my power rankings.  Zack Greinke has carried the staff so far posting a 3.44 ERA.  Guys like Lance McCullers Jr. and Luis Garcia have also been impressive but will have to do more of the Astros want to win the AL West.

Air Yordan, Still Tippin' 🚀#ForTheH — Houston Astros (@astros) May 2, 2021

6. Boston Red Sox (17-12)

After a rough weekend in the “lone star state”, Boston looks to get back on track to start the month of May. The bullpen at the start of the season was a strength of this team. Well, it has now become a weakness as of late. Offensively, everyone knows Boston is going to score runs. J.D. Martinez is continuing to produce offensive numbers. When Martinez is producing, the Red Sox are a top 5 team in the MLB.

5. Milwaukee Brewers (17-11)

The Brew Crew so far through a month of the season has been injury-plagued. With almost 13 players on the injured list, Milwaukee has somehow kept things afloat and remained in the first place. Once Christain Yelish and Lorenzo Cain return from injury, their lineup is going to become very dangerous. Both players have been an intricate part of its success the past three years.

Brewers lose the finale, but win the series. On to Philly. — Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers) May 2, 2021

4. Chicago White Sox (15-12)

The White Sox are beginning to show why everyone picked them to be the frontrunner to win the AL Central. Jose Abreau is once again in the conversation of being the AL MVP. Yermin Mercedes has been quite a surprise offensively. Look for guys like Lucas Giolito and Dallas Keuchel to start being more consistent out on the mound if the White Sox continue to have success.

3. Oakland Athletics (17-12)

As a baseball fan, the Oakland Athletics are one of the more fun teams to watch. This past week hasn’t been too kind to Oakland, but make no mistake, they are the best team in the American League right now. Matt Olsen should be coming back soon and that will add another great bat to an already potent lineup.

🌊🏄‍♂️🌊 — Oakland A's (@Athletics) May 2, 2021

2. San Diego Padres (16-13)

The Padres right now are not playing like they’re the second-best team in baseball. So why are they in this spot? The reason is I’m not going to overreact. Overreacting about something does nobody good. Everyone in baseball knows the Padres are going to be in the playoff hunt come the dog days of July and August. Keep the faith in this team and they will not disappoint you as they have a chance to be the best team in baseball.

1. LA Dodgers (17-12)

Similarly, with San Diego, I’m not going to overreact. This is the best team in MLB. No one can question that. Though, we can acknowledge the lack of consistency in the starting pitching. Trevor Bauer has not shown his best stuff pitching so far this year. Instead of pitching, he’s allowed his big mouth to affect his play. Let’s keep the talking on the field instead of off.  LA will continue to stay in first until another team shows they can dethrone the juggernaut.

Victory formation! — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) May 2, 2021

As we look at the week ahead, the Houston Astros will see the Yankees for the first since the cheating scandal that was leaked out at the beginning of the 2020 season. Be on the lookout for the New York Yankees next week in my power rankings as they are red hot. The LA Dodgers will look to get back on track as they have a huge series against the Chicago Cubs that starts on Monday.

As always, comment your thoughts below.

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