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Marlins CEO Derek Jeter is Mad As Hell and He’s Not going to Take it Anymore

The baseball world woke up shocked today as Derek Jeter announced he was stepping down as CEO and as a shareholder of the Miami Marlins. A high level Front office source told me an “All hands on deck “ meeting was called for by the team and the entirety of the franchise was floored by this announcement. I was also told some members of the franchise “were in tears as Bruce Sherman ( Marlins Chairman and principal Owner ) broke the news to Marlins staff.” 

Jeter is jumping ship . . . that's not a good sign — Obnoxious Boston Fan (@realOBF) February 28, 2022

Jeter released a statement Monday morning announcing his departure after 4½ years.

“We had a vision five years ago to turn the Marlins franchise around, and as CEO, I have been proud to put my name and reputation on the line to make our plan a reality,” he said in the statement. “Through hard work, trust and accountability, we transformed every aspect of the franchise, reshaping the workforce, and developing a long-term strategic plan for success.

“That said, the vision for the future of the franchise is different than the one I signed up to lead. Now is the right time for me to step aside as a new season begins.”.. Caroline O’Connor will now handle the business side of the organization. And Kim Ng will of course remine as the GM

#Marlins fans should feel really good with Kim Ng leading the organization. — Tyler Milliken ⚾️ (@tylermilliken_) February 28, 2022

From talks I’ve had with people in the organization, my gut feeling is that Jeter was once again told that the team would not be spending money when the lockout ends. And this pushed Jeter past the tipping point. Also feelings that the lockout would drag on and games may not be played until may or even June. and this is fine with many owners as they all made profits during the shortened sixty game season in 2020. This may also have pushed the former player away from his front office duties. 

.@Marlins hire Kim Ng as General Manager. She is the first female GM in MLB history. — MLB (@MLB) November 13, 2020

This news hits the people in the organization hard, but also hits the baseball world even harder. There are Zero black owners: majority or minority in baseball now, Derek Jeter was the lone beacon in that respect. In his time as CEO Jeter built a diverse and multicultural work environment in Miami. it would have been nice to see what Derek could have done with a few dollars to toss around. Hats off 

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