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Machado and San Diego Agree Too 11 year 350 Million Dollar Extension

Must be nice. Must be really nice to be a large market team that tosses around Hundreds of Millions of dollars like so many nickels and dimes in the Godfathers pocket. But that's who the Padres are. They are Don Vito Corleone.

Early this morning Jeff Pasan of ESPN announced that the Padres family had chosen to keep another piece of their capo regime around into his forties when Manny Machado chose to forgo free agency this fall and re-up with the team that believed in him back in 2019. when no one else seemed to , the Padres did.

Machado’s deal is the third largest extension in MLB history. Trailing only Mookie Betts 2020 12 year 365 million with the Dodgers and Mike Trout's record breaking 10 year 360 million with the Angels in 2019. Machado’s deal will carry him into 2033. What San Diego did was tear up the existing ten year deal Manny had the option to walk away from at the end of this season and make him a member of the family for life. according to reports there are no optouts in the new contract.

The Padres are all in. this is the metaphorical move to Nevada Michael Corleone made, San Diego Godfather Peter Seidler had his top Boss A.J Preller settle all family business with his signings of Bogaerts, Yu Darvish , Joe Musgrove , Fernando Tatis Jr and now Machado among others to round out his 266 million dollar investment in 2023 alone. And this one might be his shrewdest yet.

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