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Luka Doncic Creates History: 60 Points, 21 Rebounds, and 10 Assists In A Game.

Photo Credit: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

In sports, sometimes, a player creates a record so far above previous holders that you refuse to believe it and consider yourself lucky if you watched that performance live.

One of those rare moments took place when the Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks faced each other where Luka Doncic helped the Mavericks make an epic comeback (126-121) by creating history with 60 points, 21 rebounds, and ten assists, an all-time NBA league history record.

At one point, the Mavericks were trailing 112-103 with only 33.9 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. However, Doncic turned things around in a blink of an eye with a 12-3 run, capped off with a fantastic basket. He abled the Mavericks to force overtime, where they completed their brilliant comeback.

The performance is the best display by Luka Doncic in his career, breaking his previous record of 51 points recorded against the Los Angeles Clippers. Doncic broke the record of Dallas legend Dirk Nowitzki for most points in a game with his unbelievable performance. Dirk scored 53 points against the Houston Rockets in 2004.

Doncic has opened a new page in NBA league history as he was applauded by fans at the American Airlines Center.

Here is the list of players with 50+ Points and 20+ Rebounds in the NBA league history :

Luka Doncic (2022): 60 Points, 21 Rebounds, 10 Assists

Wilt Chamberlain (1968): 53 Points, 32 Rebounds, 14 Assists

Wilt Chamberlain (1963): 51 Points, 29 Rebounds, 11 Assists

Elgin Baylor (1961): 52 Points, 25 Rebounds, 10 Assists

Doncic also is tied with Philadelphia Sixers' James Harden for the most points in Triple-Double in NBA history (60).

Interestingly, many Mavericks fans started leaving the stadium when the team was down nine points with just 33.4 seconds to go. Thinking the game was over. Well, they missed one of the most epic comebacks you would ever see in the NBA. The Mavericks miraculously went on a 9-1 run in 18 seconds and a 12-3 run in 30 seconds.

Luka's Brilliancy

In the fourth quarter alone, Doncic shot 8 of 11 and scored 18 points. The last two came after deliberately missing a free with two seconds left to go in the game. The night's star performer scored two points after picking up the rebound, tying the game at 115-115 and forcing an extension. With that turnaround, the American Airlines Center erupted in disbelief, and Doncic celebrated his run by jumping up and down and laughing like a little kid.

However, he didn't stop there and continued his brilliant performance in overtime from the free throw line at first, then made it 122-117 with his patented fall-away jumper putting a stamp on the game. Head coach Jason Kidd subbed Doncic out with less than ten seconds to go and received a standing ovation from the fans after leading his team to an epic comeback.

After the end of the game, Doncic was asked how his 60-point performance felt. “I’m tired as hell, I need a recovery beer," Donic says. "I think it was just kind of lucky. It was two seconds on the clock and I just threw it up, and I was lucky. We were down by ten with two minutes to go and we came back. This was an amazing team win."

Reactions From Players Across The League

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