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Lost in LA, Angels’ Ohtani is MVP 

LA Angels of Anaheim: On Friday night Shohei Ohtani pitched a seven-inning gem of a game against the Texas Rangers. He spread out seven hits and two walks, striking out eight, and gave up a paltry two runs. Pretty impressive day, wouldn’t you say? I would. Now back that up with his game on Saturday when he stroked his major league-leading 43rd home run. A three-run jack that some say hasn’t landed yet. After throwing 117 balls the night before. 

While you were sleeping 

Like most of this season, most of America missed these back-to-back nights of Shohei-ness. Tucked into their beds, baseball fans would catch the highlights the next morning on ESPN or MLB networks morning shows. No one would have blamed Ohtani for asking to sit after Friday night’s outing on the mound, but Ohtani asked into Saturday’s lineup. 

“We’re on the same wavelength,” Maddon said. “I know he can do it. He’s got to tell me where he’s at physically. (It’s) absolutely or something very positive. And he showed it and had some really good swings. You got to be tired after (117) pitches.” he hit 100 MPH twice in the outing. 

Yesterday: threw 117 pitches Today: hit a homer 107 MPH — MLB (@MLB) September 5, 2021

Angels pitcher José Suarez gushes over his teammate

“It’s honestly incredible to witness what we’re watching,” Suarez said through an interpreter. “He’s out of this world with everything he does on the field. Being his teammate is super cool.” Suarez had just tossed his first complete game in MLB.

The best season ever? How Shohei Ohtani's 2021 compares to the greats — ESPN Los Angeles (@ESPNLosAngeles) August 30, 2021

With the exception of a rough end of June outing against the Yankees, where he gave up seven earned in 0.2 that pushed his ERA for the month to 4.94, the man has been unhittable. A 9-1 record, 112 innings pitched to a 2.97 ERA – 135 K’s and just 41 BB – all while slashing a line of .258/.359/.618 with 41 HR 93 RBI and 73 extra-base hits in 130 games.

This is as good as it gets people. Ohtani is MVP and if you’re not watching, you’re missing the greatest season of this century. 

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