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LA  Angels Shohei Ohtani Phillies Bryce Harper take MVP Awards

Shohei Ohtani, coming off an unprecedented 2021 season, was named American League’s Most Valuable Player unanimously on Thursday night. If there was any debate before the 2021 season began the two-way superstar has to be seen as a global phenomenon now. While Bryce Harper did his best to impress in Philly took home his second MVP award of his career. 

The only way to close out a historic season. Shohei Ohtani is your unanimous 2021 American League MVP. — MLB (@MLB) November 18, 2021

Ohtani became the 19th unanimous MVP in major league history and the fifth unanimous MVP since 2000, joining Mike Trout (2014), Albert Pujols (2009), Barry Bonds (2002) and Bryce Harper, who won unanimously in 2015 and was named the National League MVP on Thursday.

Two Stars for the Price of One

The 27 years old Ohtani was considered the favorite since about midseason by most of the nation because of the historic two way play. He hit .257/.372/.592 (158 OPS+) with 46 home runs and drove in 100 runs in 155 games as a hitter. Additionally, he started 23 contests as a pitcher, compiling a 3.18 ERA (141 ERA+) and a 3.55 strikeout-to-walk ratio. And was 9-2 in 23 starts for the Halos while striking out 156 batters in 136 innings. In short if he wasn’t 27 we may never get to see a season like this again. But he is 27. 

For anyone still unconvinced that Shohei Ohtani was deserving of winning MVP — take one last look at his 2021 performance, by the numbers: — The Sporting News (@sportingnews) November 19, 2021

Meanwhile in Philly 

Bryce Harper took home the hardware for the second time in his young career. The BBWAA had a much tougher decision to make within the senior circuit. Harper edged out Washington National Juan Soto and the San Diego Padres Fernando Tatis Jr. Harper took 17 of the BBWAA 30 first place votes. Soto took 6 of the first place tally and Tatis impressed 2 of the writers enough to grab a pair of first place votes 

Bryce Harper's 2021 season is one no one in Philly will ever forget. — NBC Sports Philadelphia (@NBCSPhilly) November 18, 2021

Shaking off the pressure of a $330 Million dollar contract the six time all star and 2015 unanimous MVP slashed a .309/.429/.615 ( 179 OPS+) in 2021 with 35 HR while driving in 85. Harper is the fourth player since 2000 to win multiple MVP awards before turning 30 years old. Joining Alex Rodriguez (2x)  –  Albert Poujols (3x) and Mike Trout (3x) winners before reaching their thirtieth birthdays. 

How the BBWAA Broke it all Down


Bryce Harper, PHI: 17 (first-place votes), 9 (second), 2 (third), 1 (fourth), 1 (fifth) — 348 points Juan Soto, WSH: 6 (first), 11 (second), 7 (third), 2 (fourth), 2 (fifth), 1 (sixth), 1 (seventh) — 274 points Fernando Tatis Jr., SD: 2 (first), 5 (second), 15 (third), 5 (fourth), 1 (fifth), 2 (sixth) — 244 points Brandon Crawford, SF: 4 (first), 2 (second), 1 (third), 7 (fourth), 8 (fifth), 4 (sixth), 3 (seventh), 1 (ninth) — 213 points Trea Turner, WSH/LAD: 1 (first), 3 (second), 3 (third), 10 (fourth), 3 (fifth), 4 (sixth), 2 (seventh), 1 (eighth), 1 (10th) — 185 points


Shohei Ohtani, LAA: 30 (first-place votes) — 420 points Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR: 29 (second), 1 (third) — 269 points Marcus Semien, TOR: 24 (third), 4 (fourth), 2 (fifth) — 232 points Aaron Judge, NYY: 3 (third), 5 (fourth), 9 (fifth), 7 (sixth), 5 (seventh), 1 (eighth) — 171 points Carlos Correa, HOU: 11 (fourth), 6 (fifth), 7 (sixth), 1 (seventh), 3 (eighth), 1 (ninth) — 163 points

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