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Kyle Seager Announces Retirement

Kyle Seager one of The Seattle Mariners most beloved sons has called it a career. after he Set career highs with 35 homers, 101 RBI. The 34 year old Seager is one of a handful of players drafted this century who has spent their entire careers with the team that chose them. That’s pretty special. Almost as special as letting your wife tell the world .

A note from my husband. — Julie Seager (@JulieSeager15) December 29, 2021

A short trip to the show

Seager began his career as a third-round pick of the Mariners in 2009. After a short stint of just two seasons in the minors he made his MLB debut getting into 53 games in 2011. In 2012, Seager had a breakout year that saw him hit 20 home runs in 155 games. Not to shabby Rook. After that the Mariner were convinced he was their man at the hot corner. By 2014 Seager was an all star, a gold glove winner and a man with a 100 million dollar contract. A deal that kept him in a Mariners uniform until earlier today.

Wanna know what kind of teammate Kyle Seager was? JP Crawford broke down in tears after playing next to him for the last time — Talkin’ Baseball (@TalkinBaseball_) December 29, 2021

Gone but never forgotten

Kyle Seager was the man at third base for Seattle for eleven seasons. And will be remembered by the people of Seattle for the rest of their lives. Junior – Ichiro – Arod and Edgar maybe household names across the country and debated in bars as to where they rank with the best to ever play the game. Seager will be remembered just as fondly in the Pacific Northwest. For as long as baseball is played in the Pacific Northwest. Eleven years almost 1,400 hits, more than 800 RBI , 242 Home Runs. That my friends is a career.

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