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Kiss Another Red Sox Tradition Goodbye

For almost two decades The Boston Red sox have shown their respect to their towns Irish heritage by donning the green uniforms on St Patrick's day. well kiss another tradition goodbye folks. you know like winning.

As i sat down in my usual spot on the big comfy couch to watch the Sox take on the Braves yesterday. my twitter timeline started to blow up. Not about the lineup or the lack of familiar faces due to so many Red Sox players still playing in the WBC. but about the lack of GREEN on the field at JetBlue park.

Green hats sure, but not the Kelly Green jerseys we have all fallen in love with other the years. well it seems according to my in depth investigation that Nike no longer makes their greens. mores the pity.

Thats right folks i went stright to the top and hit up NESN sideline reporter Jahmai Webster for the inside info on this disrespect. I like many had jumped to the conclusion that the Sox brass had moved further away from its grass roots and shunned the Green in another tone-deaf moment by the doddering old miser John Henry. but as it turns out Nike themselves are the culprit of your - my and our lesser St Patrick's day enjoyment. Even the team tried to cover it up before the first pitch tweeting out this pic of Bobby D with yesterdays lineup.

Well Karma slapped the Red sox in the face and handed the the "Old Town Team" an 8-0 loss for their transgression. not that the green was absent. but for the trickery they pulled themselves with that post.

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