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Kiké Hernandez Deal, Another Nail in Xander Bogaerts Coffin 

Rejoicing rang throughout the Red Sox nation twitterverse as Jeff Pasan of ESPN announced the Fenway love affair with Kiké Hernandez would continue through 2023. Hate to rain on your parade but. 

Red Sox have extended Kiké Hernandez on a 1-year deal worth $10 million for the 2023 season, per @JeffPassan. Absolutely love them bringing him back. Gold Glove caliber defense in CF and a bat that has bounced back since he got — Tyler Milliken ⚾️ (@tylermilliken_) September 6, 2022

You all know me, I like to read between the lines. And what I’m reading with Hernandez’s new one year 10 million dollar extension is. Xander Bogaerts is taking his last at bats with the Red Sox. Yes, I understand that you think I’m jumping the gun. That  the two aren’t related in the slightest. Go on keep thinking that if you want. The truth of the matter is The Blooming Idion ( Not a typo ) did not bring Trevor Story here to play second base. 

Style points for Trevor Story 🤌🎨 (via @MLB) — FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) September 4, 2022

Chaim Bloom didn’t hand Trevor 169 million dollars to be the pivot man. And he is not going to shell out 80 to 100 million dollars annually for an infield. That’s what the cost could be if he keeps Xander and Raffy while paying Story an average of 23 million a year over the next four seasons. In bloom and John Henry’s eyes It’s just not doable. 

Christian Arroyo is having a career year for the #RedSox across the board. Hits: 64 ( career-high ) RBI: 27 ( career-high ) 2B: 13 ( career- high ) BB: 12 ( career- high ) Extra base hits: 19 ( career- high) — Jamie Gatlin (@JamieGatlin17) September 5, 2022

What About Arroyo 

Bloom and many of his disciples have a huge man crush on Christian Arroyo. He of the .284 /.328/.418 line. Arroyo is a nice utility infielder. Even if you doubled his availability to 120 0r 130 games .284/5/27 is still .284/13/55 ish . that doesn’t get it done when you take Bogaerts bat out of the lineup. 

With 500 plus At Bats, Hernandez at his best is a 20 plus HR 65 RBI ballplayer. And that’s me being generous. Who can get hot and have a great postseason. That’s above average numbers for a second baseman in today’s MLB . It isn’t for a center fielder. Today was a good day. I just don’t think it was a great day for the Sox or for Bloom. The Outfield Free agent market is as thing as a ballet company. Bloom is going to have to trade some of his vaunted prospects for a cornerstone piece to play the lawn. 

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