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Kenny Pickett Era begins in Pittsburgh

The New York Jets had a 10-6 lead at halftime over the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh's offense looked lifeless with Mitchell Trubisky. At the start of the second half, head coach Mike Tomlin pulled Trubisky and played Kenny Pickett. It would be the right move, but they lost the game 24-20.

Pickett was able to help this Steelers offense move the football down the field. He scored on a 1-yard rushing touchdown in the third quarter and also a 2-yard rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kenny Pickett finished the game with completing 10-of-13 passes for 120 yards and three interceptions. Those interceptions were not his fault. Two were right off the wide receiver's hands and the other interception was at the end of the game on a Hail Mary.

Anyhow, head coach Mike Tomlin needed a spark and got one and he admitted it in his post-game press conference. It is time for them to ride with the rookie for the rest of the season and leave Mitchell Trubisky on the bench. Trubisky only completed 7-of-13 passes for 84 yards and one interception.

Najee Harris was their leading rusher with 74 yards on 18 carries. He is one of the better players in the running game on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pat Freiermuth caught seven passes for 85 yards receiving as the Pittsburgh Steelers leading receiver. He is probably their most reliable receiver at the moment on this roster as a tight end. Freiermuth will see a lot of balls thrown his way moving forward.

Some other catalysts on the offense like Dionate Johnson and George Pickens are thrilled that Kenny Pickett came into the game and we will see what happens moving forward with this also.

The New York Jets (2-2) will host the Miami Dolphins (3-1) next Sunday 10/9.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3) will be on the road against the Buffalo Bills (3-1) next Sunday 10/9.

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