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Joe Judge Hire Could Be the End Of The Hoodie 

Bill Belichick took the short, cheap road to filling the loss of OC Josh McDaniels. Bringing back Joe Judge after a disgraceful (10-23) stint as NY Giants Head Coach. After the way the Patriots floundered down the stretch last season this is at best, a huge gamble. At worst it could be the end of Bill Belichick as Czar of New England Football.

From Super Bowl Live: The #Patriots are bringing back Joe Judge, who is expected to join the staff as an offensive assistant. — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) February 8, 2022

Who’s on First

Third and Nine Quarterback Sneaks. Are you ready for them ? God Help Me. No one in New England is naming Judge the offensive coordinator. He will serve as an “Offensive Assistant” But if Joe is the one calling plays from the sideline I am not feeling as good about Mac Jones’ sophomore season as I would have been if Bill O’Brien was holding that Waffle House menu. 

Judge served on the Patriots staff from 2014 through 2019. First as a Special teams assistant then as special teams coordinator. In his last season he also served as Wide Receivers coach. Excuse me while I open another bottle of Scotch. 

In addition to his time as special teams coordinator, Joe Judge has coached receivers and was on the list of potential McDaniels’ successors during his previous time here. Good news for #Patriots special teams — Mike D'Abate (@mdabateNFL) February 8, 2022

A Dangerous Game

When Tom Brady is under center you can get away with employing on the cheap. You can hire your friends and kids and kids of friends, but when he isn’t and you’re trying to get a young quarterback to grow and progress you can’t. You just can’t. One huge aspect in the late season meltdown of 2021 was poor coaching. Too many cooks spoiled the soup. There was no clear cut voice on defense for the players to follow. Now this seems to be the direction the offence is headed. I’m telling you right now, come week five you’re going to wish you had Josh McDaniels to kick around. Joe Judge has not shown me he is the man to sit next to Mac Jones when the going gets rough. Can Belichick survive this if it goes further south ? If Mac regresses ? I don’t know 

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