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James White Bids New England Adieu

He Came From Somewhere back in the long ago. It was the 4th round of the  2014 NFL Draft and I was still fuming mad. Not at the selection of Mr. White but at the first rd. selection of Dominique Easley. The second and earlier 4th round picks of  Jimmy G and Bryan Stork did little to pull me back to even. But when I heard the Wisconsin standout who fell to the Patriots in the fourth rounds name called at 130 . A huge smile crossed my face.  I knew Shane Vereen was on his way to free agency riches and I knew Mr. White was the man to fill the bill when that happened. and I wasn’t wrong. After a stellar career and three Super Bowl rings, today he announced his retirement. 

New England will be in my heart forever. Thank you for unwavering support over the years. I am forever grateful. This chapter has been one that I will cherish. I look forward to what is next. — James White (@SweetFeet_White) August 11, 2022

More than the sum

Some will wrongly call James White a third down specialist, some will call him Brady’s check down or release valve. while he certainly was those things he was so much more. Be it running off tackle, a screen pass or a wheel route James white was the depended on hands and sweet feet the Patriots knew they could depend on. No matter the situation. If James White felt pressure he never let anyone see it. 

Cut up some of my favorite recent James White plays that I had in the vault. An all-around receiving back, who was an underrated runner. Flex him out wide, work LBs on option routes, screens, inside runs, outside runs. Could do it all. #Patriots — Evan Lazar (@ezlazar) August 11, 2022

Mr. White will finish his career with 1,278 yards rushing and 3,278 yards receiving. That’s 4.0 per carry and 8.6 yards per reception and 36 combined touchdowns. These numbers may pale in comparison to others that stepped into the Patriots backfield, But every catch, every yard, every block, and every touchdown was a pivotal part of the second half of the Patriots 20 year dynasty. Be it week 3 vs the bills or in the Super Bowl James White never didn’t bring his A Game. We were all lucky to have been allowed to witness it. He also exits with three Super Bowl Rings. Red Jacket coming.  

James White is the author of the only walk off touchdown in Super Bowl history. An overtime winner. He played for eight seasons and NEVER lost a fumble. The definition of reliability. — Field Yates (@FieldYates) August 11, 2022

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