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It’s Your Story Bloom 

Chaim Bloom’s big offseason move was signing Trevor Story to a for Bloom astronomical six year 140,000,000 dollar deal. That breaks down like this.  2022-23: $20M 2024-25: $22.5M,  2026-27: $25M 2028: $25M there is a club option with a $5M buyout Trevor can opt out after 2025. If he does so, the team can exercise an option to retain him by guaranteeing the option year (meaning $25M salaries from 2026-28). Nice work if you can get it. 

Chaim Bloom said Trevor Story was always Boston's top choice on the high end of the infield market. "What we thought of the player, the person, the fit… we thought all along that if we were going to play in the top of the market, that he was the right fit for us." — Chris Cotillo (@ChrisCotillo) March 23, 2022

For all this free spending, Bloom has gotten just 95 at bats out of his (hush i spend money) move. But at least Story has come to play for each of those AB right ? As it stands right now, Story is batting an anemic .238 with 16 HR and 66 RBI . That’s a slash line of .238/.303 /.434  this would be shocking. But 

Trevor Story has officially signed with the Boston Red Sox. Chaim Bloom spends money!!! — Savage (@SavageSports_) March 20, 2022

These numbers are completely on par with Story’s career numbers away from Coors Field 

.239 /.309 / .430 

Trevor Story, currently on the IL, is batting .221, w/105 Ks in 307 ABs. He does, however, lead @RedSox in RBI (58) and is second in HRs (15). Xander Bogaerts is batting .318, w/8 HRs and 42 RBI. If Chaim Bloom intends to replace Bogaerts at SS with Story, I think it's a mistake. — Jim Donaldson (@JimDonaldsonJr) July 29, 2022

I’d hate to say I told you so but I love to say I told you so. But Murph Story has been injured and you’ve said many times in the past you don’t hold players accountable for their bodies betraying them. Well here’s a secret.  This isn’t a column about Trevor Story. It’s about Chaim Bloom 

Trevor Story thumb surgery, 2016

After sliding into second head first Story tore the UCL in his thumb on July 31st, ending his season. 

left shoulder strain, 2017

Facing the Cubs on May 9th Story strained his shoulder swinging a bat, he didn’t return until may 24 

elbow injury, 2018

Throwing from short Story strained his elbow. He never hit the DL but did miss six games before returning to the lineup. Sox games in the midst of a heated pennant race with the Dodgers. A race so close the two teams faced off in a 163rd game playoff. Story made that game but the Rockies went 3-3 without him down the stretch. 

Thumb injury, 2019

Another headfirst slide causes Story to miss time with the same thumb. Hey it was just twelve days and 10 games. 

2022: Boston welcome to the Trevor Story Show 

Wrist -. Ouch that had to hurt. Out for more than six weeks

Heel pain – was supposed to maybe play last night, Didn’t happen he has missed 6 games to date. 

Where to point the finger 

Certainly not at Trevor Story. Bloom waited out the higher priced talent and threw a ton of cash at Story when it seemed no one else was. True other teams had interest in the All Star shortstop. But he chose Boston because the money was just too good to pass up. You can’t come down on Story for his numbers. They are his career averages. You can’t come down on his playing in just 95 games. In his seven seasons he has only played in 145 or more games three times. And you can’t blame him when Xander walks out the door because there supposedly just isn’t enough cash laying around to pay him. All this blame goes to Chaim Bloom And you can’t blame me for saying. I told you so 

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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