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Is Rams Tackle Aaron Donald DIRTY ?

Lost in the Rams 34-11 dismantling of the Cardinals last night was the actions of perennial defensive player of the year Aaron Donald going after DJ Humphries Neck and Jaw. 

Aaron Donald & DJ Humphries going at it lmao — ✯✯✯✯✯ (@FTB_Vids_YT) January 18, 2022

Not the first Time

There’s a precedent to this matter with Donald. This isn’t the first time he’s been involved in something like this. The last time Donald had an incident like this was just a month ago in Green Bay when Donald went at it with Packers Tackle Lucas Patrick. he was hit with a fine that many called a slap on the wrist. The NFL hit up Donald $10,300 for his sure the money went to a good charity. ( Eye Roll ). Donald has been fined ten times over his career for his on field actions.

Why is Aaron Donald always trying to choke people #AZvsLAR — Tony Clements (@TonyCMKE) January 18, 2022

The Bottom Line today is not so clear. Will Roger Goddell suspend Donald for the upcoming divisional round playoff game in Tampa vs the Bucs who dusted the Eagles 31-15 on Sunday ? your guess is as good as mine. ( No he Won’t). 

The NFL fined #Rams DT Aaron Donald $10,300 for unnecessary roughness last week. Video showed Donald with a hand at #Packers guard Lucas Patrick’s neck after a play. — Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) December 4, 2021

You see the keeper of the shield is about as phoney when it comes to the “ “Integrity of the game” as the hugs he gives and receives from players on draft night. Donald is hands down the most dominating player on the defensive side of the ball in the NFL. he may get fined for this but a suspension ? More Likely Than Not Happening 

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