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Information on Independent Wrestler Parker Li

Parker Li has trained at Nightmare Factory, a Georgia-based wrestling school owned and operated by AEW star QT Marshall. Former WCW star Glacier is a trainer there.

Along with wrestling on a show hosted by Nightmare Factory last June, ParkerLi has wrestled for many independent promotions in Georgia: Anarchy Wrestling, Georgia Premier Wrestling (GPW), Alternative Pro Wrestling (APW), Platinum Championship Wrestling (PCW), and ACTION Wrestling. He has also wrestled for the Tennesse-based 127 Pro Wrestling, as well as in Alabama and North Carolina.

Last month, Parker Li was interviewed by Ringside Society, during which he discussed many topics. Already having an amateur wrestling background, Li said that he decided to train to become a pro-wrestler a month after attending a WWE SmackDown event in October 2018.

Parker Li began training at the Oregon-based WCWC (West Coast Wrestling Connection)Training Academy. Current AEW star Luther became a trainer there around the same time. “I learned a ton from him,” Li stated. “I consider Dr. Luther to be kinda like my pro-wrestling dad, in a sense.” After Luther signed with AEW, he moved to Georgia and connected Parker Li with Nightmare Factory so that he could continue his training.

Not only does Parker Li have high praise for Luther, but also gives a lot of credit to Glacier as well. “Those two guys taught me all my kicks.” Li said, noting that a lot of people who have seen him wrestle think he was a martial arts background. Parker Li also mentioned that he has received hands-on training from QT Marshall, and Luke Sampson, who has wrestled on, “AEW Dark“.

Parker Li expressed interest in wrestling in Japan, Mexico, and the UK in the future.

Twitter: @HWilliams13

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