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If you Give Bloom a Pass you’re Reading the Wrong Story 

Chaim Bloom is the talk of the town. Well after Belichick lack of flash. And after the Celtics chose to play up to potential. Not to mention the Bruins not trading forever disgruntled Jake Debrusk. But after that the spotlight is on The Bloomin Onion. Yes people let’s dance, the Red Sox have Trevor Story. 

Here’s Trevor Story alongside Chaim Bloom, Alex Cora, Brian O’Halloran and Sam Kennedy Story: “This is really a dream come true for me. … At the end of the day, this comes down to winning. This was a great fit for me and my family.” — Steve Hewitt (@steve_hewitt) March 23, 2022

Has Bloom put together the best infield in the American League ? Maybe. I love the move, I love the contract. What else have you done for me lately Chaim ? Did you bring in a front line starter or just watch one walk away ? Is there a true closer in this pen ? Did you go out and make a move to bring in the best Japanese product set free on the market since Shohei Ohtani ( Who i told you to sign then ) ? No. How about a plan at DH ? you know this is the last year J.D. will play here in Boston right ? How about the simple move of inking some depth to this infield ? NOPE 

Lowest ERA 3rd time through the order in 2021 1. Carlos Rodon, 1.44 2. Max Scherzer, 1.45 3. Adam Wainwright, 1.78 4. Jordan Montgomery, 1.93 5. Clayton Kershaw, 1.95 — Jacob (@CardinalsReek) January 2, 2022

Missed Opportunity 

You watched a top of the rotation guy: Carlos Rondon go to the Giants on a two year deal at money (44 million over two years) you could have easily swallowed for three years. The right fielder Red Sox Nation deserved Seiya Suzuki at five years and $85 million plus a $15 million posting fee goes to of all places The Cubs. Did you attack the Market and Bring in Kenley Janson ? Nope 16 million is just too much for you. Or deal with that pending DH dilemma ? Nah Schwarber for 20 million per? No way 

Kyle Schwarber is a Phillie 🤩 — Justin Lever 💙⚾️ (@JustinLever3) March 21, 2022

The Math 

75 million dollars spent. Plus creating a big trade chip with J.D. Martinez to bring in more of your deeply valued “ prospects “ and cut that bottom line down by north of 19  million. And you could have made this team a serious contender.

Moral of the Story 

Don’t be blinded by the flash people. The Sox and Bloom are still out here lowballing Devers in arbitration (avoided for 11.2 million) . Never mind even approaching long tearm talks . They still haven’t spoken to Xander Bogaerts who has told you he won’t negotiate during the season. And still have holes that could have been filled this year. With a much deeper Free Agent class than next. You don’t have to piece it together here. This isn’t TAMPA 

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