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I Hate Repeating Myself Red Sox, so Listen Carefully ( This Time )

Last year right about this time of year I talked about the Sox need for a solid number three starter and who may fill the bill. That player was Carlos Rondon. Chaim Bloom ignored me ( I know shocker ) and the white sox free agent signed a two year deal with the Giants for 44 million dollars. Totally doable numbers for the Old Town Team . but obviously too rich for Bloom's blood. Lucky for you all Bloom has a second chance at Randon. His second year had an option to it and Carlos exorcized it. So here I am again with a megaphone


Unlike some of the ancient starters on the top shelf of this year's free agent list Rondon is just turning 30 years old. Yes he has been a frequent flier on the disabled list over the course of his career but he’s spent only 21 days on the DL over the past two seasons. Two seasons in which he pitched to a sub 3.00 ERA and struck out 422 batters. That's a wif rate close to 34%. This is an elite arm that has gone through the hell of injury and come out on the other side as good or better than it went in.

Bloom has gambled on low price injury riddled pitchers in the past and come out looking to this point like a fool for it. Make the smart move this time around Chaim. Pony up and roll the dice on a man who has proved to have put any speculation behind him. Five years and 145 million is the number I think will get it done. That's about a million bucks a start over the course of this contract. And money well spent.. For a change

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