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How to solve the Jimmy G, 49ers are happy dilemma

I’m here to be the solution to the problem.  The 49ers didn’t trade up to #3 for a tackle, the Pats need a better QB than Cam Newton and #46 overall in the 2nd round from the Pats to 49ers isn’t working.  Introducing the solution: The Jacksonville Jaguars

We know the Jaguars are selecting Trevor Lawrence at 1 and have another first round pick at 25 overall.  We will see a run on the QB position early in this draft with the biggest question being the Atlanta Falcons at 4.  Other positions are going to slide and that 15 spot is quite good for a team like the Jags. Here is the solution to make three teams happy.

First the draft pick trade:  The Jaguars send picks 25,33,65 and 249 (value of 1566) to the Patriots in exchange for picks 15,46 and 109 (the flip for Cannon with Houston).  Oh by the way, the value is 1566 for those picks.

Jimmy G move: The Pats trade #33 overall to the 49ers for Jimmy G.  San Francisco is now in a position of power after trading 3 first round picks.  They take calls all day on Friday from teams looking to get that player that slid out of the first round.  Heck, they may even recoup a 1st in this for 2022.  The Patriots get the final piece of the offseason hustle with a guy who knows the culture, system and coaches.

Everyone wins.  The Jags can get a playmaker of elite protector for the franchise, the Pats get the QB and the 49ers can recoup a 2022 1st rounder.  All three teams would have the QB and the Patriots get back in non compensatory 3rd round and avoid what they hate, huge gaps between picks.


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