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Hopkins watch? We've been here in New England

I'm officially proclaiming the New England region on "Hopkins Watch". We'll know when he gets a coffee, enters a restroom, goes into his pantry, and pictures/rumors saying "I Saw him here". He'll be renting a car at Logan and some will buy the picture. In Boston, trade deadline potential moves, and bringing in a name player become the focus of the area. Sports talk, the internet, fake tweets, and ultimately news will lead us all on an adult Easter Egg Hunt. Will the Patriots fans get their Golden Egg or have Lucy pull the football from Charlie Brown?

Remember this 4th of July. Burger in one hand, drinks between legs, and Twitter refresh button pressed on the other hand.

The move changed it all in 2004. You remember where you were when this went down.

Patriots fans have been here before, remember 2011? Caught the fish, didn't turn out well.

Strap in and enjoy.


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