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Harold Williams’ Weekly Wrestling: [Japan] 1/20/22

Hello wrestling fans, today we will look at NJPW and Rocky Romero’s upcoming LA Dojo Camp, Michinoku Pro results, and FREEDOM’s Jun Kasai vs. Rina Yamashita match online for free viewing.


NJPW and NJPW talent Rocky Romero are offering a very valuable opportunity to experienced pro-wrestlers who want to take their skills to a higher level, as they host a special training camp on February 21.

LA Dojo Camp is the closest a wrestler can get to being trained by NJPW without flying to Japan. Rocky Romero trained at the NJPW Dojo in Los Angeles at the beginning of his pro-wrestling career and has wrestled for NJPW for a total of 20 years, during that time becoming IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, and being co-holder of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship eight times- more times than any other wrestler in NJPW history.

However, Rocky Romero has not only seen success in Japan. He is a former CMLL World Lightweight Champion, and three-time former ROH World Tag Team Champion. Another important aspect of Romero’s resume is that he has been a guest trainer at WWE’s Performance Center.

Rocky Romero’s track record shows that he is very well-rounded and can teach a wrestler what they need to succeed in any type of promotion, be it Japanese-style, Mexican-style, or American-style.

Monday February 21, NJPW's LA Dojo is hosting a special training camp! Rocky Romero will be leading a pair of seminars to wrestlers with some match experience looking to up their game! Spots are limited- sign up now! #LADojo — NJPW Global (@njpwglobal) January 19, 2022

Michinoku Pro


Michinoku Pro New Year Fighting Beginning 2022 [day 1]


Sendai Hills Hotel Michinoku Hall in Sendai

Nogyo Boy Raito defeated Yasuyoshi Ogasawara

Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2 defeated Brahman Kei & Shu 

Rui Hyugaji defeated Rasse 

Dick Togo, GAINA & Jinsei Shinzaki defeated Bad Boy (Ken45 & Manjimaru) & Taro Nohashi 

Koji Kawamura & Yasutaka Oosera defeated Ayumu Gunji & MUSASHI 


Michinoku Pro New Year Fighting Beginning 2022 [day 2]


 Takizawa City Workers Physical Education Center in Takizawa

Ayumu Gunji defeated Nogyo Boy Raito 

Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2 defeated Bad Boy (Ken45 & Manjimaru) 

Rasse defeats Yasuyoshi Ogasawara

Dick Togo & Jinsei Shinzaki defeated Brahman Kei & Shu 

Koji Kawamura, MUSASHI & Yasutaka Oosera defeated GAINA, Rui Hyugaji & Taro Nohashi 


In my 1/6 post, I mentioned the 1/3  King Of FREEDOM World Championship match between champion Jun Kasai and Rina Yamashita. This match is now available online for free viewing. If you enjoy hardcore wrestling by wrestlers who can wrestle, this is a match to not be missed.

Jun Kasai began his career in BJW, where he engaged in wild and bloody hardcore matches, developing his hardcore legend status and capturing the BJW Tag Team Championship along the way. Kasai also wrestled in CZW during this period, capturing their Junior Heavyweight, Ultraviolent Underground, and Tag Team Championships.

In 2014, Jun Kasai began putting more focus on FREEDOMS, where he has won its King Of FREEDOM World Championship five times, more times than any other wrestler in FREEDOMS history. Meanwhile, Kasai has also seen success in DDT where he has won their Extreme Championship, and AJPW where he has won the GAORA TV Championship.

Rina Yamashita has been making a name for herself as well and is one of the best freelancers in the industry today. At the beginning of Yamashita’s career, she mainly wrestled for WAVE, where she wrestled WWE’s Asuka and AEW’S Hikaru Shida, as well as won the Regina Di WAVE Championship. Her other accomplishments include winning DDT’s Iron Man Heavy Metal Championship, JWP’s Junior Championship, as well as the Daily Sports Tag Team Championship which Yamashita co-held for 384 days, which is the second-longest recorded reign in the history of the championship.

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