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Harold Williams’ Weekly Wrestling: GLOW legend Matilda the Hun passes away at age 73

GLOW legend Matilda the Hun (real name Dee Booher) has sadly passed away at the age of 73. Her friend Robert Nguyễn confirmed the news via Facebook, announcing that Matilda passed away on Friday, January 7.

Although Matilda the Hun’s cause of death was not stated, she had been dealing with health issues in recent years suffering from lupus and peripheral neuropathy.

Matilda the Hun helped GLOW director Matt Cimber and GLOW creator David McLane recruit and cast talent for the all-female pro-wrestling show that made its debut in 1986, and she also trained them. 

Along with working with the GLOW wrestlers, Matilda the Hun also wrote the theme song for the show.

Although Matilda the Hun is one of the most memorable GLOW heels, she was a part of the show for only its first two years, leaving to become a part of a new all-female promotion, POWW (Powerful Women of Wrestling), where she wrestled as, “Queen Kong”. However, it is her GLOW character that she will always be remembered most for.

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