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Game 7 Weekend, Let’s get rolling- Saturday

Boston Bruins at Carolina Hurricanes

After 3 games of complete domination in the regular season by the Hurricanes, it continued in Games 1 and 2 of the series.  It’s been home teams winning right through, with Carolina holding the home Ice in Game #7 at 4:30 PM Saturday.  The crowd will be amped, can a core of the Bruins that has played in some big games get one more before the window closes.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Toronto Maple Leafs

This will be a great all-around theatre at 7 pm Saturday night in Toronto.  The Lightning has won the last two cups and Toronto hasn’t gotten out of the first round since the Red Sox were still in a drought.  You’ll be watching the game, fans in the arena, and fans outside the arena.  This is going to be a fun one to watch.

L.A Kings Vs Edmonton Oilers

We need to see Connor McDavid’s big game moments as fans of hockey, this is a night it needs to start.  An up and coming Kings team has been game while the big guns on the Oilers need to prove they aren’t just regular season warriors.  10 PM Eastern time for the 2nd game 7 on hockey night in Canada.

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