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Francisco Lindor Signs 10-Year Contract Extension

According to Jon Hayman of MLB Network, Francisco Lindor Signed a Ten-Year contract extension that will begin 2022 late Wednesday evening. He was scheduled to become a free agent this offseason. He was traded to the Mets this offseason from the Cleveland Indians along with his teammate, Carlos Carrasco. To quote Hayman, he wrote on his Twitter page “Lindor 10-year deal for about $340M begins in 2022. So he has $362.3 coming to him for 11”.

What does this mean for the New York Mets? This means they have one of the best Shortstops in the game is under contract for years to come. The “2nd team in New York City” has always been looked down upon for not going “all in” to win championships. Well, look out now because the Mets are no longer quietly making moves this offseason.

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