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First Fantasy Mock Draft

I know it’s May 24th but the show must go on.  A month after the NFL draft, I participated in a mock draft, the week we meet about our fantasy magazine.  Here’s what I did and found interesting.

12 Team, Snake, PPR Expert draft

I ended up with the 4th pick in a snake draft. This is going in just off the top of my head.

1-4: Ja’Marr Chase (WR) Cincinnati

This is the BEST WR in football, paired with an all-world QB.  100 catches and 15 plus TDs are not unattainable.

It’s pick 17 and I know who my crush is.  Cam Akers is sitting there.  Anxiety kicks in, I love this stuff

2-21: Cam Akers (RB) Rams

This is a TOP 3 RB this year.  He’ll be on the field a ton, healthy, and tore it up recovering.  Hold on to the ball.

3-28: David Montgomery (RB) Chicago Bears

I look for guys who get snaps and touches, playing with Fields- he should give the team both.

We’re at pick 34 and I’m eyeing Josh Allen, first F-Bomb as he goes at 42.

4-45: Kyle Pitts (TE) Atlanta Falcons

My target guy on a not-so-very good team philosophy.  He will be the top target but rack up 4th quarter points against a prevent defense.

5-52; Justin Herbert (QB) Chargers

I missed out on Allen but was able to fill the void with Herbert, a step-down, we’ll see.

Pick #62, I’m eyeing you, Hunter, those slot PPR points will rock.  2nd F-Bomb at 66.

6-69: Chris Olave (WR) New Orleans Saints

He gives me that Waddle and Smith feel.  He’ll step in as a rookie and hit the ground running.  How is the Saints relationship with Michael Thomas?

Que Que Time:   Tony Pollard, Michael Carter

7-76: Joe Burrow (QB) Cincinnati Bengals

The Herbert-Burrow combo took me far last season, I love having them back in the fold.  Pick my matchup.

Watching Nuke Hopkins with 6 game suspension situation.  He’s still there until 90.

8-93: Michael Carter (RB) NY Jets

Breece Hall went ahead of Carter.  I’m a big Carter fan, I’ll take my chances.

9-100: Chase Claypool (WR) Pittsburgh Steelers

They force-feed him the ball in so many ways and he makes plays.  Red Zone threat.

10-117: Dameon Pierce (RB) Houston Texans

I give him until a week in training camp that he is the guy.  I will steal him here and enjoy the benefits.

11-124: Noah Fant (TE) Seattle Seahawks

Backup TE who has familiarity with potential chemistry with the QB he previously played with in Denver.

12-141: Ravens D/ST

Have you looked at what they have plus what they brought in?  They’re going to be tough.

13-148: Tyson Allgeier (RB) Atlanta Falcons

The other RB I feel will win the touches pretty early.  He’ll at least be a Goalline threat to start.

15-172: Evan McPherson (K) Cincinnati Bengals

He doesn’t fear the moment, I’ll take it.

16-185: Nico Collins (WR) Houston Texans

Sleeper on a guy who I feel will be the top target after Brandin Cooks is injured.

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